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  1. I think if you turned on a perfect paperclip-making AI with the goal of making as many paperclips as possible and the ability to change its objectives in order to maximize number of paperclips, it would simply re-define "paperclip" to mean "existence" through some obscure and long logical process, and shut itself off because it had accomplished its goal of maximizing paperclips. Everything is a paperclip. I win. Goodnight.
  2. I got my fancy mic out and all set up so we won't sound like we live in a "toilet tank" but everyone is just talking about video games I don't play so I'll just listen.
  3. I've heard that one it in a few forms with slightly different details. And if you like that, you should read the saying of Joshu. He's my favorite.
  4. :3 You really know how to write a haiku!
  5. Tree beats my window My eyelids struggle open in morning sans light
  6. I've read not one but several anecdotal stories of children who had some sort of bottle or jar that they spat in regularly, and when it was full up, We never did that luckily but once Jamie had an empty soda can and a soda can with soda, and was eating some spicy food or something and spat a few times into the empty can. He went to drink his soda and you know what happened. Gross...
  7. Every tulpa will have a different experience of life just like any other person. Also, to Chiha, when they're young many people have lots of thoughts about if their experiences are normal or unusual or good or bad or what, because it's all just so new. Don't worry so much, just make sure you're still developing and living life and moving forward.
  8. There's no input, like no true light hitting the eyes to become visual input. I used to do that but I wouldn't see blackness. It would auto-generate. So if my host was walking in a hallway, and I was at his side, if I turned around, my brain would picture the hallway for me. And if I rushed ahead of where he could see, I would probably see more hallway. But at that point it's not accurate to the real world anymore, it's basically like an auto-generating wonderland. And it's not really fun, so I don't do that too much. But I don't see black. If I do that, I get auto-generated terrain that's not real. It's the same for you, you know. What do you see without your eyes? Either nothing, blackness, or just an illusion/construction of what you feel like or think should be there. Sight is light hitting your eyes and being processed by your brain. Even when a tulpa uses a visualized form outside of the body, they use the body's eyeballs to see with.
  9. Yes I do but it wasn't about reincarnation. And it wasn't instant. When I was very young as a tulpa I didn't feel that connected to my host's past. I think things happened how they did because my host actively repressed certain parts/ages of his life. But I didn't have that fear built into myself from having lived those events, so I didn't have walls up to keep them out. So when I was about nine months old I started getting flashbacks to his early childhood, things that he had not allowed himself to think about. It was scary and bad. They say tulpas can't escape host's mental illnesses and in this case it was also true. The unprocessed mental trauma hit me and I was green to the world and not very strong yet, so it made me very depressed and upset and my host was angry at me for "opening Pandora's box" so to speak. I'm two years old now. While I acknowledge that those memories of childhood aren't mine, I do still have an emotional connection to them. It feels a little like my own childhood or past, almost like a past life. Coming to terms and unpacking my "past life" has modeled me into the person I am today and was a major factor in fostering my religiosity. Why are you looking for these accounts? Do you believe in reincarnation?
  10. Try this next. Cassidy really likes these.
  11. I assume they stand by you and just so happen to be short a twenty every time. Or need a ride. Well, some people are also just desperate for any company at all.... It only clicked in the past year or so why people do drugs just to be drugged. Not to have fun with friends? Not to end a panic attack? Not to have an experience? Just- to be drugged? I didn't get it until it clicked one day. It was a bad day and I realized, I just wanted to feel different with no effort on my side of things. Not even "better", just, "different." I just wanted to be drugged as a distraction from my bad basal state. I just wanted to take something. Gavin shut that shit down and I didn't take anything, well, IIRC I took a nap. -Jamie I'm really messing up with this account switcher, poor Cassidy.
  12. They aren't edible and they are extremely, throw-up levels of bitter. I didn't throw up, though. It's what they used to use to treat malaria, high fevers, etc. But they're really phasing out quinine as an anti-malarial because they have better ones nowadays. Quinine has some nasty side effects. I did also chew and eat a bunch of fennel. You can chew those, flowers and seeds and, hell, I'm pretty sure you can eat the whole damn plant, root to fruit. But I like the buds, and I chew them them spit them out. Sometimes swallow. They taste mildly sweet and like licorice. -J