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  1. Since we had to continue with the hostess's daily life, we couldn't focus on solving this, but we did get small results: Ana possesses the body for a few seconds, but in general she is just a spectator voice that does nothing, even her visualization has been reduced to a minimum (at least it seems that she has already begun to visualize again, very, very little) Orion and I are the ones controlling the body at the moment, and we seem to find a difference between just using the body and feeling consciousness move forward. We need Ana to stop being a spectator voice and repeat this experience (she tries to do it by saying things like "this is my body, I can move, etc). We are not sure, but a while ago she could have moved three steps and sat on her own, it was only an instant where I left the body. Gives us hope
  2. Hi, I'm Luzbel, I'm the one who controls the body until Ana can move We only know that our thoughts got confused and began to fade, but we reacted and did not reach more Then it happened again and Saphire was left alone, she could not think things right because of the panic and we could not help, so she was alone for a whole day At the end of that day Ana was able to react at last, and although she could not move, I possessed the body and we could all speak again But we were so scared and confused that the situation was repeated yesterday, it was when Saphire asked for help around here
  3. Everyone is back, but we keep fighting for Ana to regain control of the body. We try not to despair, but she can barely move, we have to move her body
  4. Sé que tiene una fobia social, pero no tiene nada que ver con DID If I focus on not owning my siblings can take control for a moment, our biggest problem is that the hostess does not react If I focus on not owning, my brothers can take control for a moment, our biggest problem is that the hostess does not react
  5. Hi i'm saphire turn off the minds of my host and my other headmates. My brothers are not there, the hostess sees and listens but does not think, I am possessing and the host does not move or think, but sees, listens and feels They don't react and I don't know what to do, I can't pretend to be the hostess anymore This is not supposed to happen. How do I make the hostess think and carry the body? Help, I don't want them to leave and the hostess does not respond. (Edit) 10/25/2020 Hi! I'm Ana, I can take control of the body now, but we are having some problems On one occasion Luz accidentally took control of the body, since then he does not stop having thoughts that make him take control throughout the day. When this happens I am no longer in the spectator position but it is Luz who is completely associated with the body, I can move but I feel that I am using something that is not mine.We are confused, the body is not mine, but I also do not disconnect from the senses and I can move. I never "left" the real world. When Luz takes the front he can give control to Orion with ease, Orion becomes the one who feels associated with the body, but I am still there and I can move. This confuses us even more. We always handle possession a lot, maybe it has something to do with it, but we don't know exactly how it influences this. Classes have already started in our country and I have not been able to do my homework because of this problem We would like to read opinions about it, it is a strange situation