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  1. Update after almost six months: They are dormant again, but they are still around. These two have taken up residence as being muses in my drawing, writing, and musical compositions. At the moment, they are symbolic, but I can still feel their presence in the back of my mind. It is that I haven't been able to fully place them into reality, but I think now I am able to do that. I have matured much since the last time I posted on here, and I will not let it go to waste. Anathe and Stan will have full lives-- this I promise myself.
  2. Random spur of the moment thing my tulpa said, and I didn't know whether to face palm or laugh allowed. Stan: "sometimes, I do lewd things when my host bends over :3"
  3. I'll just post a sample here: Ademas, mas o menos para novatos, te sugiero que leas la toda guía antes de en empiezas a crear tu Tulpa. La razón es que hay mucho parte de referencia cruzada, y porque algunos aspectos importante de la proceso de la creación del Tulpa que no se discute hasta más tarde, pero todavía son muy importante para saber. Ahora, sin más preámbulos, vamos a empezar. (Nota: quizás notes que algunas veces yo digo <<él>> cuando me refiero a una situación hipotética sobre tu Tulpa. Eso es porque mi tulpa es un hombre, y no siempre me atrapo a mi mismo
  4. There are actually quite a few Spanish speakers who have come on the IRC and ask questions-- since they can't read any of the website whatsoever. And, of course, almost none of their questions get answered because no one can understand them. It would at least be good for the lot of them to have at least one guide from the forum to have; they honestly don't have a lot of information in their area.
  5. Stan: "I should do this sometime with my host :3"
  6. We'll try and do a Spanish version of this if we ever get some time for it. In our opinion, this is a very nice guide.
  7. Just a quick update: Stan and I are going smoothly in forcing-- passive forcing is just becoming second nature to me. However, I've been neglecting on active forcing with him and I know it would greatly increase the process's speed if I did so. I've also been neglecting to read some of the new guides, which might help us in making things more real for me. Like with voice for example: sometimes I hear it nice and clear, and sometimes it becomes foggy. I need to work on that, and it can only come through harder work.
  8. Alright, so from these responses, we can come to the conclusion that at the very least there is a gradual change for the host when a tulpa is created. Interesting that the Tulpas appear to receive emotions from somewhere; perhaps the subconscious, no matter what, does have emotions that aren't prevalent or presented physically for some reason.
  9. This has probably been one of the most informative posts based on this phenomenon. It at least gives a hint that tulpas, even in sociopaths, have at least a chance to have a discrepancy in their emotions in comparison to their hosts. Thank you for anecdote, Kim.
  10. Hello folks, it has been six months since I last grace you all with my presence (though grace is really a light word), and I have now just decided to come back-- with a better, and less sexual attitude. Now fear not, Stan and Anathe have no dissipate and gone off to the great unknown. For the past few months they have just been asleep-- and a sort of light sleep at that too. And now with life fully in order, my maturity having been increased, and other things placed in their proper spot, Stan, Anathe and I are ready to come back and continue where we started. Things are alright. Things a
  11. Old memory that we had in the wonderland. Girl is Anathe Guy with horns is Stan.
  12. A: "okay, my host is a lazy ass, so I'll type out what has been going on! "as of late, Josef has been doing a lot of shit, but he's been making sure to remember us and talk to us. We're kind of clody to him, but he knows we exist and is trying his hardest (though I want to slap the bitch sometimes) "He is a good person, but he is sometimes lazy and does other stuff at once (running, being one of them, which he gets caught up in cause he wants to be an alpha and have sex with a million chicks or something). "For me I've been dosing and sleeping a lot in the wonderland. However, I've b
  13. Meh, I probably should've looked it up and post in that thread instead. Still... none have posted in there for well over 4 months and it doesn't have a poll for people who are lazy asses and don't want to read the posts. So unless a mod finds it good to close this thread, I'll just post the link of that old thread in the main post and leave this for now.
  14. And the poll is up! Edit: fuck me, I just had to spell "curious" wrong... :l
  15. What was your reason for creating a tulpa in the first place? Did you create one in hopes for a friend of sorts, or did you just create one out of sheer curiosity? Why? Old thread here: http://tulpa.info/forums/Thread-Why-did-you-decide-to-create-a-tulpa?highlight=youfuckingidiot
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