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  1. DAY 2 - Not much happened today, Ryfus is still being quiet but I'm fine with that! I spent quite a bit of time talking to Ryufus today about life and stuff, and I realized that when I was trying to visualise him in the wonderland, he'd changed his form a bit. Nothing drastic, but the thing is, when I started out, my reference for Ryufus was just his front and back, I couldn't visualise any sides, his snout or anything. But today when I was visualising him in the wonderland, I could see him from any angle, it's hard to explain but it was nice. And whilst writing this I got two seperate occasions of head pressure when I was writing about him having changed his form, I think he's proud of himself! Still got a long road ahead of us, but I'm looking forward to seeing what it holds for us!
  2. So, I just wanna write this as a guide for people who are nervous about it not working, like I was, so I'll try and update this once a day, if not at least once a week. So, DAY 1 - Going into this, I already know what I'd have for him as a form, so I just really needed to create the wonderland. I just thought of a nice, small like, which has a grassy area, then I visualised my tulpa, whose form is based off of one of my OC's. I did the greeting part - Hi, my name is ____, I'm the host of the body, yadaya. And once I had done the greeting, I sort of felt like this tingling in my head, which was weird. I did a small active forcing session, telling him about my crushes n stuff, and giving him a swing in the wonderland, I feel bad for giving that in particular to him, though because he's basically a baby and swings require more than 5% effort to understand haha. Thing is, I'm not the best visualiser, but I get like flashes in my head of him turning his head towards me, or him crossing his arms, or him lying down by the lake when I'm trying to imagine out the wonderland. done I did some passive forcing where I just showed him what my room looked like, and art of the OC he was based on. Weird thing is, when I showed him the art of my OC, he said 'He's Cute.' That kinda was when I was sold, I was 90% sure it wasn't my thoughts because it had cut off my own thought stream, and it just felt different. I hadn't really heard anything else from him all day, though, which is to be expected. I'm happy he spoke as soon as he did. Thing is, I enjoy the passive focusing, just talking to him about my hobbies, I'm normally a person to just blurt random things out in anger or fear, but I enjoy talking to him, even if he doesn't talk back. So, all signs are pointing to this being a success! Sorry if this seems all rambley, I want this to seem more personal and real idk, and this is coming from someone who had doubts going into this, but they're gone. Strange.
  3. Well, I'm creating this in hopes that I pull through with patience to create this tulpa in my brain and have it develop. I'm about to greet the tulpa, so today - 22nd of August will be it's birthday! I honestly hopes this goes well and my brain isn't weird that it forks it up. Man, brains are weird too, just from the thought of creating and talking to a fictional person in our brain, it creates it? Strange.