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  1. first off, I want to address the 12 step program and how personally, from life experience, I feel it is the worst choice for addiction recovery of any kind. Now before you get all defensive and preachy, let me explain. This is a purely spiritual approach, and honestly this is the only truly effective approach because quite literally under science, religion, faith, anything on this earth, spirit and energy reside at the core of everything. Now that we have addressed this is a spiritual approach, I have to address the law of the universe that cannot be changed and will never change. "You get what you put out" Is the easiest term to describe this law. The universe is indeed a mirror. What you put out into the world is what you will receive back. The term " you must give in order to get" is relating to the law of the universe. In another example, how you view the outside world is a reflection of how you feel in your inner world. Same goes for how you treat the outside world. If you often find you are treating others poorly, you are treating yourself poorly inside as well. Same goes in reverse. A happy individual who is happy on the inside will spread their happiness and see the happiness in other people. Ok so now that we have established that, I want to address why the very first step of the 12 steps is the wrong choice, making all the other steps after it, completely void and uncredible. The first step is admitting you are powerless. Judging from what we just covered before this, you can see how this statement will have a negative and quite truly a limiting effect on how well you will escape your addiction. In a simpler sense, you must tell your self you have the power if you truly want the power. Telling yourself you are powerless will do only one thing, affirm yourself that you are powerless. Once yourself has affirmed its powerless...do you see yourself being very powerful? More than likely not. If you want recovery, and you want real lasting results that you don't have to keep going to meetings for "security" then you need to drop the 12 steps and start the 1 step. Believe in yourself. You have more power than you know. If you tell yourself you have no power, well then there you have it. You said it already, power gone. On the other hand, if you tell yourself "i got this, I am powerful enough to overcome ANYTHING life throws at me" then you got it, you said so yourself. The human mind is a tool. More often than not humans let it use them instead of them using it. Use your best tool to your advantage. Lay the foundations for recovery with your best tool and positive affirmations. Laying foundations with "powerless" embedded into it will lead you no where but on and endless never ending path to what looks like recovery, but is disguised as dependence on something that has simply replaced your addiction. You will find yourself seeking the comfort of your 12 steps if you go with them. You will only find true confidence to recovery if you tell yourself you can do it and WILL DO IT. It all begins with you and that 1 step.