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  1. Anyone else get, what lifehacker calls "brain drain"? http://lifehacker.com/318644/ten-ways-to-defeat-brain-drain This happens a lot when I tupperforce, and it makes me very mentally tired for the next 1-3 days and prevents me from doing anything, including tupperforcing. Is this like muscles in the sense that your mind will get stronger the more you train it? Any solutions? This post was so hard to make I can't think ;-;
  2. Yeah if anyone here is able to get this book please scan it or whatever so others can read it as well. I wanna check this shit out.
  3. ^ QB2's Last Visit: 08-21-2013 11:45 AM Come back ;-;
  4. I would like to hear more about this "experience"
  5. So going off of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ganzfeld_effect I'm guessing that the blindfold has to be one color, but doesn't have to be black? This is open-eye visualization right? Also, does anyone have any ideas on what I could use as earplugs? I might just shove tissues into my ears, that probably won't work very well. This seems like something that could be beneficial to me, thanks Thunderfap. EDIT: Wait, now I see that at the bottom of your post it says "EDIT: Please read this article if you would like to learn more about closed-eye hallucination itself. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Closed-eye_hallucination". So this is supposed to be closed eye? What would be the point of using a blindfold if you're going to do closed eye in a dark room? Second Edit: It also says "These types of hallucinations generally only occur when one's eyes are closed or when one is in a darkened room.", so maybe it is supposed to be open eye. I'm probably over thinking this, I should go to bed. Anyway, I generally prefer open eye, so I'm going to try doing this open eye within the next couple days.
  6. 10 would be good IMO. But 15 would be fine. Basically I just think 20 is a little high. But Whatever. Upvotes: JD1215 waffles Kiahdaj Sands Phi
  7. You don't know what you're talking about, just stop.
  8. Would be useful if this forum has a up/down voting system for posts and threads, because you could then easily tell which posts/threads people found useful, which would be especially helpful for a forum about tuppers.
  9. You think one line is excessive? Please, quit lying. Just admit that y'all mods "made a mistake." I should be able to insist that it's fine, because IT'S NOT AGAINST THE RULES. READ THE RULES. And at the time capitalized wasn't even included in the rules. So not only was i not breaking the excessive part of the rule, there wasn't even anything mentioning caps. Yes i was "warned" for breaking a non existent rule THIS SPECIFIC TIME, but this thread isn't just about this ONE SPECIFIC INSTANCE, it's about you mods in general. Over half the time you don't receive any verbal warning. Maybe i got one this time because i wasn't breaking an existing rule so even y'all decided that a kick without warning be a little extreme. The "last part" wasn't on my screen before i posted, prolly didn't refresh before posting or whatever.
  10. But I CAN do that, there is no rule against that. Jesus Christ, how many times do i have to repeat myself? -.- Attitude. When you're in the middle of a conversation and you get randomly get kicked it's fucking annoying. There's no harm in at least TRYING to verbally warn someone. No need to jump straight to kicking -.-.
  11. It's not even banned. It's banned if used EXCESSIVELY. which is the whole problem with my specific case since it was one line.
  12. Nevertheless, the kick was still not justified because my usage of caps wasn't excessive. I broke no rules. (An apology would be nice) This isn't so much about this one specific case, it's more about (most of) the mods in general. Most of them just abuse their power way too much. I was lucky enough to receive a verbal warning on this specific case, as for the rest i received no verbal warnings for breaking non existent rules. Y'all Admins gotta start cracking down on these mods. Start training them and punishing them when they abuse their power.
  13. At the end there, when i asked "WHY NOT" that was an accidental caps (i was speaking in 3 different chatrooms at the time, accidentally had caps on from another chatroom when i switched back). So i won't complain about that specific part. But the whole thing shouldn't have even been brought up after the single line of caps, because the rules don't state anything that says i can't use caps. At the time the rules said that i couldn't use "styled lettering" excessively, (if you were to assume that "styled lettering" included caps), but one line isn't excessive. Rasznir added caps to rules after what happened yesterday, but at the time it didn't say. Even if it did say, again, it wasn't excessive so it didn't warrant a kick. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1O6_dPOWuIKjLin0rg3nm1sdNAGTV-tuD7udzcOZKHWc/edit Also, "Wobbuffet" mentions he got kicked before for caps at the end, so apparently i'm not the only one Yeah at the end there i personally interpreted it as saying "No, i won't do it again" not "No, i will start doing it again", so i think the second kick was a little premature, but he was spamming at the beginning so i'll let it slide. --And here's Slushie, displaying his arrogant, superior attitude.
  14. This is out of hand. For those of you who attend the IRC chatbox joint on this website, the mods are horrible. Yesterday, I get kicked for using ONE LINE in caps, and there is no rule against caps, unless it is excessive. One line is not excessive. I wasn't flaming or anything, i was just making a damn joke. Eventually this issue was taken into the .mods section or whatever, and the mods,(excluding Rasznir, who was actually trying to solve the problem) just had an attitude with me the whole time and used the "We're mods we're always right" to justify their position, and ended up just coming and leaving whenever. And then today, some random brings it up again and tries to fight about it, and i get kicked again? For defending myself? This is ridiculous. These damn kick happy mods need to be addressed.
  15. Dysthymia, Diagnosed. Emphasis on Anhedonia, Flat Effect, and Apathy. I'm pretty zombie-like. I could be labeled as a Schizoid as well, i seem to have more similarities with schizoids than depressed people, but my official diagnosis was Dysthymia (cannot qualify for a personality disorder when younger than 18 years of age) I've had stronger emotional reactions to my tupper compared to anything within the past few years. Great stuff.