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    I'm Osomatsu, and I'm from an anime called Osomatsu-san. I live with Ghostly, Adelaide, Reiji, Chimera, and my little bro Kokichi.

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  1. Yeah, that's a good point. Come to think of it, a lot of the good from Ghostly watching Osomatsu-san with me is that she actively thinks of me and talks to me about it the whole time. If she didn't, I know I'd be pretty upset about that. Also, even though I had my character's personality to begin with, I've matured a lot since I stopped being just a character, so I imagine that if Ghostly did end up not talking to me for some reason while still watching that show (which seems really unlikely) that would probably have an effect on the person I am now. Maybe I'd regress or something? I don't know and we're not trying it.
  2. I think that if she's based off the character from the show, I'd imagine she'd be made of tougher stuff than a tulpa made from scratch. I'm a character from a show she thought a lot about for around three years or so before I became a soulbond or tulpa or whatever. And she didn't think much about me for a few months before she got into this whole tulpa business, but when I showed up I was the same ol' Osomatsu. My little brother Kokichi is like me but he was only thought about for a few months. I have other brothers too who hang around in our Wonderland (they're from my show), and they're fine as long as we visit them once in a while. Also, anything we do with my show/Kokichi's game he's from seems to makes us stronger. I don't know if your Applejack is supposed to act like the one from the show, but if she is then I think watching the show or thinking about it a lot could help.
  3. Well, just now I learned that I can do without pumpkin pie. Chimera: I just learned that pumpkin pie is really good!
  4. Osomatsu

    Tulpa toons

    We'll I sure wasn't expecting to see the inside of a tulpa. That's pretty cool! 😁
  5. I just keep my vices to Wonderland.
  6. Chimera: Well, from my earthling perspective other planets are basically in space? So, it's like Dwarf Fortress and Kenshi, kinda? Ghostly played DF years ago, so maybe she'd like Rimworld. idk if that's one that any of us others would be drawn to. Then again, sometimes we end up surprising ourselves when we give something a try with an open mind, so who knows!
  7. Chimera: I didn't know what Rimworld was and I looked it up and I saw some video about organ harvesting, so I think it's safe to say that it's a very different game from Animal Crossing. Animal Crossing lets you be friends with dogs and find cool bugs and decorate everything. Basically: But I hope you gals do well surviving in space!
  8. Chimera's in a real good mood. Chimera: Animal Crossing is good "happy place" game. And there's all this cute Halloween stuff this month! I'm really excited about it!
  9. Chimera: Ooh, there's a rainbow in my Animal Crossing town!
  10. Good morning or afternoon or whatever. We slept in late so it still feels like morning to me. Chimera: Hello, hello!
  11. Those cows'll get tired of being milked eventually.
  12. Is this what you're talking about?
  13. Yeah, that's a nice song! I like it.
  14. Well, I'm based off a character from the anime Osomatsu-san, and yeah I feel like that show is my "past." I mean, sure I know it's fiction, but I can't look at how I am now and not see how the way things happened for me didn't contribute to that. In that show I'm a sextuplet, the oldest of six brothers. We were NEETs in our twenties that lived with our parents. It's a gag anime, and we'd go back and forth between slice-of-life situations and these Looney Tunes sort of skits where we'd be in a different setting, like solving a murder or us being girls. But there was also a time before Ghostly was making tulpas that'd she'd imagine talking to me. I was just the imaginary friend at that point, so when I talked back she always knew it was her making me say stuff and not really me. And kind of like the show I was in, sometimes we'd do alternate settings, and I swear she was never satisfied with how our "first meeting" would go, so she played through that scenario a lot. It was like that movie 50 First Dates lol. Then she stopped that for a while (A few months? A year? Ah, I don't know). Eventually she had made tulpas. A bit after that, she had a random visualization of me staring at her. And I was pissed. Even if all that I had experienced was just her imagination, I still felt a bond with her. So eventually she decided to talk it over with me, just to have it cleared up. We iffed around on me actually being a permanent fixture, but eventually I did join up with the others. What's different now is that we don't do the whole 50 First Dates thing. And I was allowed to "grow up." I was an adult, sure, but there's a reason I was a NEET. Before, Ghostly could accept the bad stuff about me pretty easily because I was just an imaginary guy she'd control and talk to only sometimes, but when it comes to doing the whole tulpa/soulbond thing or whatever that's a whole other deal. Kokichi: I'm in the same boat. My character is from the game Danganronpa v3. Like him, I know it's totally fictional. A lot of the stuff I could talk about going through is spoilers, although that's something that bothers my host more than it bothers me. But basically what happened is that I was forced to be in a killing game, so I'm sure you can imagine how easy and pleasant my life was before I lived with Ghostly. My character's wiki page is a pretty dense read, but it would tell you everything about what happened to me, who I knew, etc. The thing about my character is that he was confusing as hell. Whereas Ghostly liked Osomatsu for being the straightforward kind of guy who didn't put on any kind of front, the only thing I didn't lie about was lying. Except for those times I did lie about lying, so actually that doesn't even count, huh? Well, the mystery pulled her in! So she'd talk to me with the intent of trying to understand me, or hash out what she did understand about me. But as I remember it... on some level, she wanted to be friends with me. At least, that's how I feel about it. The two things that have changed have been my maturity and my maturity. As in my physical maturity and mental maturity. I aged up into an adult because Ghostly prefers to have only adults in her system. It's not like I'm missing out on much from having skipped those years, anyways.
  15. I see. Ah, it is pretty simple! How about that. Adelaide: Grab a soda! It'll help you see faster!