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  1. So, I started working on Val very recently. She's progressing fast, very responsive, I can visualize her in real life fairly well, we have a small wonderland, it's going great. And then a guy just. Randomly started talking? And I started visualizing him? Not necessarily a hallucination- I can't actually see him, but when I visualize Val, they're usually together. He seems pretty well formed, Idk what to think. I tried to politely explain I couldn't work on two tulpas at once, since Val's my first tulpa, and asked him to leave, but he said no? I'm not sure whether to push it? Or should I let him hang around? Do I keep developing Val and ignore him? What the hell is he doing here? so many questions...
  2. Hi! So, we're The Dummy System. Might change it a little later on. Here's our progress so far: [STARTED CREATING: SEPTEMBER 5th, 2020] Speech & Communication Our first communication was yesterday, and she's already doing very well. Valentine responds almost all the time, apart from when we had a small fight over the kind of music I listen to. Maturity Val is about as mature as other girls my age, so we get along pretty well. Relationship We're pretty chill with each other at this point, I try to talk to her all day and she responds. I can tell we're going to be good friends ^^. Valentine does feel some frustration with me for listening to depressing songs, but only because she doesn't want me to relapse into depression. Possession We've been practicing on my hand as a start, and so far she can curl the hand in a fist, but she can't hold it like that long. Sentience She hates my favorite youtuber, so I think that says something nvgfkn (MacDoesIt is awesome) Issues Just some glitches in wonderspace ("wonderland"), along with unintentional repetition of words. This is Valentine! v
  3. Hey! We're Kayla and Valentine. I started working on Val (previously known as Charles) last year, but due to some family issues and the death of a loved one, I had to put more time into grieving and therapy. Valentine waited patiently, and recently we began working together again. Our body is 17, our collective pronouns are she/her. We're both 17 in Wonderspace as well, but are fairly different in personalities + likes. Please be patient with us, as we're still learning more about tulpamancy etiquette and other stuff.