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    im the plant man wowie

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    About MEEEE!
    ☆Names Popiplant but you could call me Popi if ya want!

    ☆Currently a system of only two- me and Bell!

    ☆I got alot of friends that have tulpas or have DID they are all lovely people.

    ☆ I love the stars and like to collect rocks

    ☆I did alot- alot of research on Tulpas and DID so i know, alot? Well theres always more to learn!

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  1. Hello Hello! Im having problems focusing on forcing, I keep getting distracted and my mind wanders off alot. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to focus while forcing? Any songs that help? Or possibly something else? I would love to hear suggestions, i know its different for everyone but anything helps really!
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