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    I'm Ghostly's second tulpa.
    Along with Ghostly I share my life with Adelaide, Osomatsu, Kokichi, and Chimera.

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  1. Very cute! Chimera: Aw, duckies!💛
  2. Chimera: If anything you'll probably be forced to eat soggy fries as some kind of punishment. :‎(
  3. Chimera: Ghostly microwaves her fries too. Even though I tell her it's a sin.
  4. Chimera: It's the microwave that makes them all mushy. They're better warmed up in the oven.
  5. They're an interesting band. I've liked their songs that you've posted so far and I've been meaning to listen to more. Edit: Adelaide's signature was showing up on my post. That was odd.
  6. Ah. I hadn't factored in the magnetic fingers. Well, good luck becoming Spiderman, and stay safe.
  7. Thank you. Though I must not have watched enough anime, because my general impression of anime protagonists is that they tend to have spiky hair. Unless there's been a different trend in recent times? Kokichi: Although... Glasses, dark hair, really pretty... That's it! Reiji is related to Sakamoto, Bayonetta, and HB! He's got to be part of that family! Just make sure to ignore that those people are from 3 different universes, okay? Let's see, I'm pretty sure Bayonetta is the mom, HB is the dad, Sakamoto is their son, so that means Reiji could be... Sakamoto's brother? Something like that. Woah, I didn't know Reiji had that kind of lore! I imagine the potential danger would keep a large number of people from becoming Spiderman. If the gear they were using were to fail while they were in a precarious position, well... Also, vigilantism is very much illegal. And also quite dangerous. Both criminals and police use firearms and without being able to make use of superhuman senses to avoid bullets, well...
  8. Hm. I suppose I myself haven't given much thought to it myself. Having the ability to perceive something beyond standard human perception would be interesting, I'm sure. But in the context of our finite resources and how expensive it would be to acquire to modifications needed, I can't say it's a strong priority for me. If it's important to you though, then I hope you're able to see your dreams realized.
  9. Just out of curiosity, what's your motivation for wanting to sense magnetic fields in such a way?
  10. Hello, I'm Reiji, and I'm LilBitGhostly's second tulpa. I've decided to join the others in my system in having an account of my own.