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    Tulpa and Drugs

    My friend took 50mg of aMT last night. For the duration of the trip, his tulpa made no contact. After it ended, he reported that his visualization was a little clearer.
  2. A: Virus Syndicate - Your Life (HeavyFeet Remix) Q: Same as above.
  3. A: My greatest achievement that I can talk about (until the statute of limitations kicks in) is duping a teacher into believing in the existence of a fabricated historical character. Q: Have you ever forgotten to add a question, and then had to quickly edit your post to fix it?
  4. A: It sounds like the gears of causality grinding to a halt, leaving behind nothing but bliss. On a related note: Q: What is your favorite graphite hardness?
  5. A: MOAR!!! Q: What is your favorite type of mechanical keyboard key?
  6. A: Because you were hungry? Q: Because you were hungry?
  7. A: I snowball. Q: Why would you do something like that? This question applies to the first thing that came to mind.
  8. I strongly suspect that Splooshie123 answered my initial question, not my final one. A: As high as possible without overexerting myself Q: How would you describe yourself in a sentence?
  9. A: Astonish Blind Curse Flame(thrower) Q: If Fede were a pokemon, what moves would he definitely NOT know? The fact that nobody has answered makes me think my question is bad. A: Assist Attract Growth Submission Q: If I were a Pokemon, what moves would I have?
  10. A: Anything prefaced by the word "instant". Ninja A: Yes. I've been to Colombia on business. Q: If I were a drug, what would I be?
  11. You would be Balut, and I would never eat you. I dare you guys to Google Image search "Balut" Q: Same as above.
  12. A: Let there be light Q: What is the most disturbing information you know? ninja A: No, because I never accused you of lying.
  13. A: Yes, I would. Q: This thread is titled "How Honest Are You". If you won't tell the truth, why are you here?
  14. A: That isn't a question. Also, you may not try the helicopter. Q: What was the first thing you thought of when reading "why don't you just do it"?