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  1. My friend took 50mg of aMT last night. For the duration of the trip, his tulpa made no contact. After it ended, he reported that his visualization was a little clearer.
  2. A: Virus Syndicate - Your Life (HeavyFeet Remix) Q: Same as above.
  3. A: My greatest achievement that I can talk about (until the statute of limitations kicks in) is duping a teacher into believing in the existence of a fabricated historical character. Q: Have you ever forgotten to add a question, and then had to quickly edit your post to fix it?
  4. A: It sounds like the gears of causality grinding to a halt, leaving behind nothing but bliss. On a related note: Q: What is your favorite graphite hardness?
  5. A: MOAR!!! Q: What is your favorite type of mechanical keyboard key?
  6. A: Because you were hungry? Q: Because you were hungry?
  7. A: I snowball. Q: Why would you do something like that? This question applies to the first thing that came to mind.
  8. I strongly suspect that Splooshie123 answered my initial question, not my final one. A: As high as possible without overexerting myself Q: How would you describe yourself in a sentence?
  9. A: Astonish Blind Curse Flame(thrower) Q: If Fede were a pokemon, what moves would he definitely NOT know? The fact that nobody has answered makes me think my question is bad. A: Assist Attract Growth Submission Q: If I were a Pokemon, what moves would I have?
  10. A: Anything prefaced by the word "instant". Ninja A: Yes. I've been to Colombia on business. Q: If I were a drug, what would I be?
  11. You would be Balut, and I would never eat you. I dare you guys to Google Image search "Balut" Q: Same as above.
  12. A: Let there be light Q: What is the most disturbing information you know? ninja A: No, because I never accused you of lying.
  13. A: Yes, I would. Q: This thread is titled "How Honest Are You". If you won't tell the truth, why are you here?
  14. A: That isn't a question. Also, you may not try the helicopter. Q: What was the first thing you thought of when reading "why don't you just do it"?