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  1. 10/8/2020 So in the past few days I've only managed to force at least at two or three times. At most 10-25 minutes each, although this time and every time I remind myself to force, I'm going to attempt a forcing method that should help with her becoming more vocal. Essentially its just me making my mind shut up and giving her the stage so she can attempt to talk to me. Other than that I usually passive force with her by just talking with her in my mind (out loud when I'm alone) when I'm not busy with work.
  2. 10/02/2020 Forcing attempt (morning): it was an attempt at least Forced for 31 minutes, talked about random things such as my dreams from last night, sang random bits from songs, talked about anything random that popped into my head I’m still inconsistent about what to do while forcing with her. -- Forcing Attempt (night): somewhat successful Talked about random things that would pop in my head and worked a bit on focusing on wonderland home. Saw a somewhat clear image of her for about 2 seconds.
  3. June 27, 2020 Hypnogtic dream: Told to me to essentially shut up at the wee beginning hours of the morning… I did not. … Meditation 8/5/2020 Meditation attempt/ Active Forcing: Failed Attempted to clear my mind disaster ensued ended not really focusing on Midna and having a lot of stray thoughts. Did attempt a background from memory: Kiest park. Had a random thought Twili Midna and a young child in dress on a bench in the park. Promptly freaked out and stopped. End of day: Lots of garbled speech, some giggling throughout day … Aug 6, 2020 Activ
  4. So I'm writing this progress report in order to push myself into the habit of daily active forcing with my tulpa. A little bit about both of us, my tulpa is based on Midna from Twilight Princess. I accidentally started making her about a 10 years ago (give or take), but due to a Christian upbringing and admittingly an over-obsession with the character at the time, any time she showed any sudden progress I would freak out and that progress would come to a halt. Working on her would stop and continue because at the time I still had a lot of doubts on what she was exactly. It wasn't
  5. yup, I'm new here, I joined a few days ago
  6. and dont forget the virtual toothfloss
  7. Hello, my name is Rakitaki, or Taki for short. I'm a long time lurker, so I'm not new to the concepts of tulpamancy. I've had underdeveloped tulpa for a long while now that had stemmed from an obsession with a character during a low point in my life. During the time I didn't know I had accidentally created a tulpa, and coming from a religious household I'd get spooked the instant I started to get sudden results. So safe to say we've certainly had our ups and downs. I joined this forum in hopes of getting acquainted with you guys, make new friends, and more importantly help us get o
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