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  1. How are people using colored text? Is it html coding? Or is there something in the text box I'm missing?
  2. Nope, Teardrop's been around for a while. He's expressed to me that he doesn't like speaking, and that it makes him uncomfortable when he feels like he has to. Thank you for the resources, we'll definitely look into them! I'll try to see if he wants to write on a whiteboard too, since that would be a good idea until we both have a clearer form of communication.
  3. I'm very curious about if it's possible to have a nonverbal tulpa. Teardrop is semiverbal, and communicates mostly through hand movements and expressions. We're both trying to learn sign language so we can communicate easier. So does anyone else have experiences with a nonverbal/semiverbal tulpa? Is it even possible to have a non/semiverbal tulpa, or is he some other type of headmate?
  4. Heya! We're The Moonlit Roommates. Right now, there's only me, the host, and Teardrop (icon). We're considering adding another member to our small family! Our body is 17, and we're AFAB. I, the host, use it/its pronouns, while Teardrop uses he/him pronouns.