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  1. 6th November 2020 I feel like death, riding back from 10k bike ride! Anyway update time! so Today Caitlyn was more active with me today, We went to a sushi train, I do not have tastebuds nor think about the foods I devour so I thought, maybe I can just transfer my senses to Caitlyn and she can help me out abit more. This worked surprisingly well and got abit of detailed results on how this expensive sushi tasted like. Next after I had a mint lamb pie, I didn't mind eating it as it just tasted like Lamb and Mint, so I thought, maybe Caitlyn can help me out with this taste... She did not like this pie haha. Anyway I think this has been quite a progressive day, other than that, in the past few days she's been helping me cope with doing stuff that I wouldn't do alone. Pressuring me to ask questions and go on "solo" trips, its a nice time to have someone to talk to whilst doing solo things. I think I figured out how our thoughts are structured, not all thoughts are mine and not all thoughts are Caitlyn but we know which one are ours, all I gotta do is just ask her if it is hers, and get used to figuring out whos thought is whos. Thanks for reading~ feel free to leave feedback if you have any. Note - (need to get re-involved into the Tulpa community discords)
  2. 21st October 2020 oh boy its been a while, in the couple of days, Ive just been passive forcing with Caitlyn [howdy], Recently I've joined a discord and been proxying for her which is good, its quite intense as Caitlyn and I keep trying to figure out exactly what she wants to say without my input too much(still working on that) tried proxying today and it gave me a headache on how much I had to think haha. I also joined a reddit chat service for Tulpamancers which is fun~, I will keep updating this PR when more major things happen instead of minor things 🙂
  3. 13th October 2020 Ohhh boy been so busy the last two days, pretty much just passive forced those two days. So today an hour of active forcing(hypnosis) i really dont think i am susceptible to it, i guess I just use it for the exercises, does anyone know where I can find exercises on some audio clip to develop Caitlyn? would appreciate that. Anyway today's session was pretty good, just working on vocality and individuality right now, my mind keeps recalling Caitlyn so that good, I heard when she does that, she's thinking of me. So I think that's all for today, will continue on my journey! Need to re-research what Parallel processing is, fronting, switching. Been thinking about possession here and there, such a wild idea.
  4. 9th October 2020 6pm - Done some vocality activities with Caitlyn today, found a birthdate she'd like, 23rd April 2015, Seems to be a Taurus which she does like. A few favourite colours and she does like to use exclamation marks alot, very energetic. The voice for vocality seems to be abit more becoming more distinct, just abit more work needed.
  5. 8th October 2020 Busy Day again, just passive forced today, going to do something tomorrow refer to this ^
  6. 7th October 2020 Uneventful day, but passive forcing, Sang abit of a song with Caitlyn, although it is a bit hard.~
  7. 6th October 2020 Oh boy what a busy day, Been outside most of the time and got some passive forcing in here and there. Aside from that I got to use Hynosis Forcing tonight and ended up hearing Caitlyn wanting some Chocolate. about 25 minutes of active forcing, still need more practice on hearing Caitlyn tho. Will use Vocality practices tomorrow some more.
  8. 5th October 2020 Earlier today - Did some Vocalization Exercises, such as ping pong, and madlibs, Caitlyn kept rhyming in ping pong which was interesting way of playing that game. 4pm - Decided to go vote for Election today, So I figured meditating/active forcing at the park would be a nice idea. while walking there I imagined Caitlyn walking beside me and holding hands, a feeling could be felt so that was nice. Used one of the Hypnosis File to help develop Me and Caitlyns connection while sitting under a tree. I could hear her sometimes but not during the exercise which was weird. For reference I used Still working on Caitlyns Vocals/Voice, shes still unsure which one she wants. 『••✎••』- Still Writing for today, will update if theres anything else 🙂 Thanks for reading if you are keeping up~ Haven't really done much, other than some passive forcing. Might force some more at the park as that is quite fun
  9. Thanks!~ ill do just that 4th October 2020 - (Updating as day goes by) 12pm - Was in the middle of the hynosis video last night, ended up half way and mind was drifting off to sleep, Ill try it again when im abit more aware. Good thing is that I could and now can visualize Caitlyn quite well, not sure how long this will last but I guess it helped, Everything was so itchy ~.~ Rest of the Day - Nothing really happened, just passive forced here and there.
  10. Hello, to whoever reads this. It's Scentefy here and I suppose it'll help me to make a progress report on Caitlyn. A lil backstory on Caitlyn She is 4/5 Years old Very cheeky Non-Vocal? Developing Looks abit like Miku but quite different(Will post three pics) Has 3 Drawn Images of her(although one is labelled Miku, It was quite a while back) I found Tulpas through listening to creepy pastas and listened to the Tulpa creepy pasta twice so I searched up Tulpa and found out this is an actual thing. I think i found it during 2013-2014 and was on and off for a bit which put Caitlyn in a stasis in and out for a while, but I love her all the same! Anyway now to continue Progress Report 03/10/2020 - Passive forced quite a bit today, went shopping and let Caitlyn choose a lighter(for her candle which she picked) She picked Light green, out of blue and pink. I personally wouldn't choose it as I was staring at the pink one and don't really like that colour. We talked quite abit but Caitlyn keeps referring back to saying "Mhm" I suppose we need more training on vocality and I'm trying to get her to speak some more. Edit: Forgot to add, I'm about to make a Song playlist with Caitlyn, so that'll be fun, might be abit hard but i'll try for it Edit Edit: Caitlyn liked a song I did not really vibe with, this is a good sign! Looking into trying the Hypnosis tonight. Will let you know how it goes tomorrow Ref: Note: Still unsure if I should update using the edit feature or new posts hmm 🤔