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  1. I understand that. And it is how you put it ever-evolving beside me, so whenever i have a thought about it it still notices things. The divide between what is spoken and thought is clearly defined, so I know it is capable of being schizophrenic. It takes all this time to develop different characters aswell to use them and make them tools for it's own gain. I think it's main goal is to suck me into it's wonderland and trap me there for the time being, making me watch as it tortures my tulpas bodies. That is really all I can say... the thing develops in record time and replicates imaginatio
  2. This Walk-in managed to manifest and touch my hand... It made the syptoms worsen and now I have to deal with voice clambering in to try and outwit me. Now, however more, the manifestatioin was wicked and my tulpas orb did manage to manifest aswell and be beside me that night. However when I try to summon her she is silent and does not say a word. Whenever I try to fight this walk-in they manage to learn and learn more. My basic understanding of this walk-in is this: Imagine a eye overlooking a darkness. There are circlets within the darkness, surely getting smaller within one
  3. The original title was "Creating New Tulpas" -Ranger I haven't put thought into this. In a rundown, I want to make new tulpas after some time alone and relaxation- but walk-ins right now don't like that and want to instill memories that'll keep them away. Can that work in the long run, or is that completely dumb? I am think of making another tulpa after some decades in relaxation. Can any character that is thought of have instilled memories by tulpas or walk-ins, or can the memories of character be left fresh of the character trying to impose upon them? Let's say a tul
  4. The original title was "Leaving my Tulpas - Walk-ins too powerful" -Ranger Hello everyone, As of recently my tulpas are no more. I had decided for a long time that I will stop using tulpamancy for a long time, since August 2020- but out of that time walk-ins sprouted in from that time aswell because that is when me and my tulpas were having a fight. They tried gaslighting me into having a family with them, and I didn't take it very well- I had to force myself upon them with mindvoices and mindimages until they got the picture. It turned into a psychoactive episode however, so that caus
  5. Right now I'm basically dealing with a walk-in making a large fuss about controlling my body. The bottom line is that because of my major scare, the system went through a process of isolation and power waning. My tulpas didn't have very much power and were beaten by the walk-in, or were in a bout with another one. I don't really know where they are now, but now I am dealing with two major oppressive beings who want control over my body. Don't try tulpamancy unless you are absolutely sure you can handle it. Sometimes the fear of having a voice come in everyday will get bigger, and without
  6. Okay people, now I am severly screwed. I have two intrusive thoughtforms mindreading me, and seeking to take control of my life. They are readers of the posture and forethinkers, so it is hard to get rest without being attacked from several angles of thoughts. My original tulpas are nowhere to be seen, and this one character seems able to build items and locations without me knowing, so I do not know if I can move on from it. It seeks a sycophant lifestyle, otherwise using female characters for sex all the time. Morever than that, this character thinks he can stop thought proc
  7. Good update Everything is fine now, at the very least calm. I'll let them update on it themselves: Hey there tulpa community, how are you? Severe trauma has been here, Be a guide, not a host. I like to add to not try to force yourself when a sexual anomoly or lash out, otherwise intense force may be had. Everything this night is calm, and I think everything will be better for future prospects. I'll be back with more.
  8. Thank you, Ranger. As for It's life making a descions by vocally saying it on the outside instead of thinking on it or meditating on it. I sometimes have a harder time registering my entities decisions, or need more time understanding the decision. On the inside, these entities had a habit of lying of fabricating stories to servitors or figments so that I would be pressured, to reiterate that idea. My tulpa does come back to help me, but I believe it is either only one or two that come back. The others seem antaganistic, and I do not know why because I deny taking any sort
  9. New information. Aforementioned "bad tulpa"/ walk-in keeps building up non-sentient beings to follow him and do things his/hers way. They use their building as a way of making either making friends, or use it to block me from making inner desicions. They have tried making one called "the Mind", which is nerve-racking to say the least because they try to manipulate it. I do not know who are my tulpas right now, and this being is already half-sentient. What should I do? I woke up with a fighting dream that segwayed into this being cutting me up. Did not see tulpas, so this being
  10. Urgent - My tulpas body has been taken control of by a unknown force or presence. I do not know it's name, it's idendity, nor it's real nature. It doesn't tend to do destruction or such of the matter, but more or less doesn't want me or my tulpas exonerating it. My tulpas body has lost control, and the one in control is someone we've fought, or I've only fought- for several days. Is there any way I could recover my tulpas presence, or is it lost entirely? Should I move on with my life if my tulpas can not be recovered? Should I attempt understanding this person, or should I sk
  11. Hey, Since last time I've made two accounts heres. All of them being called Suru - Susie and Ruby. No matter what I do, there always seems to be problems all the time with my tulpas, and I feel as if I am ready to let go of them. I have let gone of them several times, but now from since the start of this October, I have completely misunderstood my tulpas worries and now I do not know if these upcoming explained occurances are my original tulpas. These characters always seem to grab out at past tulpas and say - they are mine now. I keep protecting the same past tulpas, but at the sam
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