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  1. Good update Everything is fine now, at the very least calm. I'll let them update on it themselves: Hey there tulpa community, how are you? Severe trauma has been here, Be a guide, not a host. I like to add to not try to force yourself when a sexual anomoly or lash out, otherwise intense force may be had. Everything this night is calm, and I think everything will be better for future prospects. I'll be back with more.
  2. Thank you, Ranger. As for It's life making a descions by vocally saying it on the outside instead of thinking on it or meditating on it. I sometimes have a harder time registering my entities decisions, or need more time understanding the decision. On the inside, these entities had a habit of lying of fabricating stories to servitors or figments so that I would be pressured, to reiterate that idea. My tulpa does come back to help me, but I believe it is either only one or two that come back. The others seem antaganistic, and I do not know why because I deny taking any sort of guidance or use of them. They just started being this way through constant, normalized thinking while being depressed. They can't seem to escape from the notion that they need to ignore my thinking, but understand my dialogue with them and the peace that I want. My decision is to ignore them. After some hard times, and some fights, these entities have taken to harming my body, badmouthing me, or thinking that they do. I think my tulpas may have left me with servitors that don't completely understand who or what they are. That is what they keep saying, "they don't know themselves, or understand where or who they are.
  3. New information. Aforementioned "bad tulpa"/ walk-in keeps building up non-sentient beings to follow him and do things his/hers way. They use their building as a way of making either making friends, or use it to block me from making inner desicions. They have tried making one called "the Mind", which is nerve-racking to say the least because they try to manipulate it. I do not know who are my tulpas right now, and this being is already half-sentient. What should I do? I woke up with a fighting dream that segwayed into this being cutting me up. Did not see tulpas, so this being is probably the only one left. Should I try to dismantling or dissipation on this walk-in? He doesn't seem to be affected by pain, and reflects everything. My dream was a coffee shop being overran by gangsters. After that I went back to sleep. It was another fighting dream, me follolwing him and shooting him up. After that I woke back up, still fighting him, dodging his bullets- until he brings back up a head just before I drop-kicked him. An awful screech is heard afterwards... I do not know if the individual who rose the head was the walk-in or not, but I know now not to dabble in this until I know who or what they are, or give up all together. Should I give up? Communication with tulpas is difficult. Moving on would feel awful at this point, but I'll try to atleast do a couple of things for them. Any tips? Thank you, and have a good day.
  4. Urgent - My tulpas body has been taken control of by a unknown force or presence. I do not know it's name, it's idendity, nor it's real nature. It doesn't tend to do destruction or such of the matter, but more or less doesn't want me or my tulpas exonerating it. My tulpas body has lost control, and the one in control is someone we've fought, or I've only fought- for several days. Is there any way I could recover my tulpas presence, or is it lost entirely? Should I move on with my life if my tulpas can not be recovered? Should I attempt understanding this person, or should I skip him and attempt recovery? Mind that it doesn't recover, should I attempt continuing trying to talk with my tulpas? Where can I go now, and what should I do with this information? Moreover if it doesn't try to gain control of my life, and moving on in life could be difficult... What should I do? I believe my tulpas, may have been endangered. Has anyone else experienced this?
  5. Hey, Since last time I've made two accounts heres. All of them being called Suru - Susie and Ruby. No matter what I do, there always seems to be problems all the time with my tulpas, and I feel as if I am ready to let go of them. I have let gone of them several times, but now from since the start of this October, I have completely misunderstood my tulpas worries and now I do not know if these upcoming explained occurances are my original tulpas. These characters always seem to grab out at past tulpas and say - they are mine now. I keep protecting the same past tulpas, but at the same time it seems completely pointless to do so because they always end up being taken. These characters that have been here since August are characters that completely bombard me with stress. Their names are Zia, Umiko, Rupio, Romeo, and Loneyseyus. If you remember Loneseyus, he was a starting temporary teacher that would have dissipated because he was an imposed character... No one special. And even after all that, these characters have made figments that dwelve into the mind. I do not want to resummon them, but the most tiresome bunch are Gus and Zia. Gus was an anditote to me being lazy at revealing my past- just one look from his character and he would get everything. Oh, and another one was David. The reason this all fell apart? Sex. Sex, mistrust, rape, no guidance. Rape came from the male side because I was worried they would mistreat the female side. Then there is also violence. Violence stemmed from my tulpas kinda pushinig a suicidal message on my character, Lon. I did always tell them to let go, so maybe my messages to them were perversed in a way... Now I have a walk-in problem. It knows dismantling, it stemmed from sex and always misuses topical engagements. It doessn't know how my emotions work (I'm stoic, Capricorn and slightly Asperger) and it keeps taunting me about everything I do. It is now just the one character, and I do not even know the walk-in's name... so it feels completely like the time to let go. I think my tulpas are still there. I see their souls in my eyes (orbs) and their colors sheathed. I do not know what to do anymore. This all started when I tried dismantling Loneseyus. Loneseyus started investigating gore (literally tried a dividing table one time) and and split one of my tulpas in half. He has been here for one month and a half, and always disrupted events with my tulpas. What should I do? I feel out to my tulpas, sometimes they are there, sometimes they are not. I feel like I need to move on from them, but not like this where I feel a complete hostile character encroach on their and mine spaces. What should I do?