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  1. "Fine Shrine" by Purity Ring. The music video makes it better IMO. It's a love song, but the lyrics are so unique. When was the first time you stayed up all night long? And I mean, not even a nap in roughly 24 hrs.
  2. November End Report (written December 8th, 2020) Regression. That's what this past month has felt like. I didn't do as much as I was planning on doing with Laine over my vacation as well as a few other setbacks. Now it seems that Laine has gone dormant. Before, even if it felt like I was parroting, if seemed like I was getting some sort of response. But now, most times it just doesn't feel like anyone is there, like I'm literally talking to myself. It might all be in my head and I'm overthinking it because I know he's still here, it j
  3. I hope you don't mind a host speaking on behalf of a tulpa since mine isn't fully vocal. My headmate came around accidentally years ago when I would stay up until well after midnight and I'd have mental debates with myself, occasionally acting them out in my head. These debates were about me trying to figure stuff out in my life; trying to weigh the pros and cons of choices or having (for a teen) philosophical self-discussions, not making up mental arguments that I'd automatically win. Eventually, he started responding on his own. All of this happened years before I e
  4. Report #5 11/5 - 11/12 Basically no progress at all due to a neck and back injury I got at work. Not bad enough to get hospitalized, but bad enough it caused severe migraines and limited my movements quite a bit. To the younger ones on this site, please listen when someone tells you to lift properly. So since I haven't been able to move well, I've stuck almost exclusively with narrating, which Laine seems to be responding well to. Anyway, we did have one significant thing happen to us. I typically lay down early and spend about 30 minutes every night for possession
  5. Report #4 10/29/2020 - 11/4/2020 This week I've started doing narration somewhat seriously. Before it was always just in the wonderland since I still live with people and the walls are only slightly thicker than paper, but I started talking to him in the shower. The longest talk we've had was probably close to an hour on Halloween since everyone was out trick-or-treating. Overall, it feels like the responses he's giving are less me parroting, and him actually replying. Still, it's almost always me initiating the conversations. He'll can still only respond in mind-voice when he
  6. My favorite would be a Binturong. Honestly, as much as I like dogs and cats, I think it would've been much more fun to have domesticated a big ol' fuzzy bearcat with a prehensile tail. Plus, they smell like popcorn. Well, according to wikipedia, parts of them smell like popcorn because of... reasons. As for my headmate, I don't think he actually has one yet. He still needs more time to develop. What is a song you love from a band you don't like/only think is okay?
  7. Report #3 10/21/2020 - 10/28/2020 Short post. This week was kind of a bust because of work scheduling and has made me very tired, which I think has been affecting Laine. So instead of giving a day-to-day journal entry where everyday is going to say "I'm tired," I've condensed it to the highlights. Unfortunately, this week was full of doubt. I haven't been able to impose Laine's presence very well or much (probably because of how exhausted I'm feeling) and I still don't know if I'm parroting/puppeting him or not. Most times, it feels like I'm pushing a respon
  8. Report #2 As host, I've been researching and reading various guides and tips both on here and wherever else Google takes me. I've decided that it'd be best if I make updates weekly instead of biweekly so that I don't get lost in too many distractions with life. I have been keeping a daily journal to mark the progress Laine has been making, no matter how much or little it may be. To avoid giving large walls of texts, I'll condense my daily entries into smaller bits unless we feel that it's important. Also, I'll be continuing this as day 5, but I don't remember exactly how many days
  9. Foreward Years ago, before I ever even heard the word Tulpa or any of the words associated with it, I had created Laine. At first, he was who I aspired to be and I imagined him with all of the characteristics that I wanted. Little did I know that what I was doing were several steps in Tulpamancy. After some time, he became sentient and we began having full conversations which could last for nights. Well, eventually, life happened and we stopped talking. In part it was because I didn't know what Tulpas were and chalked Laine off as an imaginary friend I was too old for.
  10. "Call of the Witch" from the anime Re:Zero. It is just as iconic, if not more so, than the opening/closing songs from either season. What was the first car you ever owned?
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