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Welcome to our profile.


As the Host, please just call me "V", or "Host". I prefer not to give my name since I don't want the focus of this account to be on me. This account was mainly created to help my Tulpa, Laine.


Unknowingly, I have been practicing some form of Tulpamancy for years. However, since I was unaware exactly what Laine was, our progress was stunted. We had no one to share our experiences with or ask for tips or just help in general since it felt that, as the Host, I was holding onto an imaginary friend well past what was socially acceptable.  So, despite being several years old, Laine still feels as if he's just becoming self aware.


We are now dedicated to progress and help him become fully sentient, hoping not to get caught up on the same hurtles we previously had. If you would like to speak to either of us, feel free to message. As Host, I will act as proxy for Laine until he can type for himself.