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    Im a freshman in high school , I can't spell well so pls don't come at me. I'm very new to the tulpa community and me and my tulpa Skyler are still in our first month so we are still learning the ropes and have lots of questions !

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  1. Our wonderland is to big to draw and us still growing (that's why there are empty spaces) but this is a map. You may hafto tilt your screen to the side to see it properly, sorry for the bad camera quality 😅
  2. Thank you all for replying and making me feel welcome to the community , I very much appreciate it !
  3. I am fairly new to the community and am on my first moth developing my tulpa Skyler. I suffer from depression and anxiety and I was wondering if that effects her growth and ability to speak.this is my first time posting so I hope I did this right and if I didn't I'm sorry, I also am not to good at spelling so pls don't come at me for it.
  4. So Skyler is ace and I am a lesbian so our veiws on sexual intercors and attraction are very different.I have asked skyler a few times if she agrees with me if a girl at my school is pretty or not, an usually will just add light head pressure (since we are only in our first month) saying "no" in a respons. She tends to find sexual intercors very disturbing and gross , whal I dont really have a problem with it. All I can really say is I just dont think about it to much and recognize that since we share a body we both hafto understand eachother and work together.
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