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  1. I'm bad at explaining it, but yes you're correct. I was trying to write it in a way that was easier to the masses lol. It doesn't always mean sorry though, but it's also the "fuck, I messed up" emote.
  2. orz = someone post banging their head on the floor. Orz O = head R= torso Z = legs Or I guess it's someone who gave up or flumped over cause something bad happened.
  3. Hm.. had a dream tonight which had a section on tulpas. The rest of it was weird af
  4. Social security should most definitely help with the cost of meds, otherwise why would they exist :c. How much are the meds if I may ask? Things are going alright though, but I've noticed a decrease in positivity as forcing becomes more difficult. I fully relate in the sense of the life being hell, but it more so applies to last march all the way till April of last year (still mentally recovering even now). The fact you're going through therapy now and doing what you can is amazing.
  5. How are you feeling? Just read your update to the PR.
  6. Thanks for the comment. I definitely agree with what you're saying 100%. When I say progress, it's not something meant to coincide with for example an hour count, or a forced progression, just something to make note of the journey. 100% my main problem right now is forcing, specifically passively so the more that's embedded into something habitual, it would be considered progression. However it's comforting to hear that even your progress had stalemated many times, so now in the future.. I'll not develop any self doubt about the process. Helping Kiki feel at home and loved is the top priority.
  7. Don't max out the empathy tree.. it's not worth it. It's a double edged sword.
  8. They said, transphobic, not that you were trans. ahh wait, misunderstood the way you wrote that.
  9. I just remember at 15, there were moments where I wish I knew people better.. How people reacted or responded to things, finding resources to learn further, being more open minded, etc. The amount of growth people have between the years of being 18 to 21 are staggering, but the growth between 15-18 is dependent on someone's willingness to be open to new ideas and stepping out of their comfort zone.
  10. Calm down, sorry for assuming. Where do you get your news though, to believe that covid isn't as bad as people make it out to be?
  11. At this point, I'm not even trying to. This person won't listen even if I didn't use the term "kid". When they become an adult, they're going to cringe at the stuff they used to say if they learn more than what they're being exposed to on a day to day basis.