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  1. I feel like that should be pinned.. thank you
  2. This light mode is hurting my eyes bad Is there a way to turn it back to dark mode? owww
  3. Aaa!!! congrats! That's absolutely fantastic news! And moving was exciting the first few times, but this is like my 23rd move in my life, this time alone to a new state so.. ;-; But gonna try and get a trauma therapist and take actual proper steps forward in life. Unfortunately due to current home situations, everything is put on hold until I get settled in the new place, where I'll likely feel a ton more comfortable.
  4. I'm about to move up to Oregon, so just nervous and exhausted at the moment (didn't really sleep much tonight) How about yourself?
  5. Well, I've not forgotten this.. I'm in the process of moving right now and due to my current living arrangements causing constant and consistently work mental strain, I've been unable to comfortably force with Kiki. So this is all being put on hold until I'm in a safer location.
  6. We're glad it's been going well for you.
  7. Let's hope December ends up better than the rest of the previous months
  8. It's always weird experiencing burnout when you're not entirely sure why. Well, hopefully cutting up boxes might help this out. Hope everyone's doing well.
  9. It's gotten hard to understand if I'm fully there or not when taking a step back though. So far, there is mental pain only when I'm letting go while Kiki stays up front.. so we figure that's a sign, but it's going to take some work to understand all of this more. It probably won't be long until we swap again honestly, especially as this weird head feeling persists. And thank you ^^
  10. I had just written stuff, but well.. I clicked something and now it's lost. So allow me to say what I needed to say all over again.. zzz. This week has been focused on learning how to let go of the wheel.. to be able to allow for my headmates to take over while I fade back. So far, Kiki and I have switched 4 times and have even managed to for extended periods of time.. like being able to go 4 hours with her fronting. This being said, a mental toll has started to become apparent as our head has felt faded all afternoon. We hope this is simply just an effec
  11. thank you all ;-; and yeah, it's simply another day, but even so.
  12. And now I'm 27 ._. This is weird. I don't like being 27 now.. Help..
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