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  1. This is one of Shalkagi's favorite songs to sing. One of my personal favorites as well.
  2. Oo, this looks fun! Here are some things we like to do: Watch Star Trek; enjoy it, discuss it, gripe about it, make fun of things, etc. Draw comic books, or generate a funny story in another medium Play with action figures or Hexbugs Eat; comfort food or try something different Sing along to our favorite music; for us, a lot of blending occurs here! Build with Lego or K'nex Hug cuddly stuffed animals And many variations therewithin!
  3. This is Shalkagi again, in a mood. She seems to give this look rather regularly. However, she told me this image looks too cartoon-like. I am determined to get her war face right one of these days...
  4. I personally believe the tulpa/host relationship is its own unique type of personal relationship. I am a strictly introverted person; I enjoy company of others but reserved solitude is a critical need for me. Other human beings are, as y'all mentioned, difficult to understand, communicate with, etc. to some degree. And, the way I am: I cannot sleep if I know another person is in the same room or awake nearby. I love people but it takes a lot of effort to coexist with them. When forcing with Matt, my tulpa, I remembered how I'd sometimes have to share a space with a roo
  5. I hope I got the Klingon spelling of her name right. But she insisted "Sal'qagI" was correct. And I'm not gonna argue with a Klingon about tlhIngan Hol. Thanks! batIH QIp!!
  6. Hello! This is our sketchbook gallery. Here you will find pictures from my system, including drawings of me, tulpas, other headmates, and the dreamscape. I draw some things myself, other projects may be collaborations between me and Matt, Clu, or Shalkagi. I'm not quite into the switching phase yet. Usually, they talk to me as I do the drawing. Here's our first entry! It's also on the ITT: We Draw Our Tulpas thread. This is my first full visualization of Shalkagi. She started as an original character idea and began to form as a legit tulpa. I drew her face and body so I'd have
  7. So I finally got good at drawing faces, drawing realistic bodies, and drawing unique features. Then, yesterday, both to practice my skills and visualize my newest tulpa, I decided to draw her. Meet Shalkagi! Shalkagi is a Klingon female. Her sole inspiration was only the general form of the Klingons from Star Trek. Her looks and name were purely developed by her and me. The picture here was a bit of an experiment. For me, tulpas develop best when I have a face and body to picture in my head. As it helps to look at someone when you speak to them. I had a lot of fun with this.
  8. Well, I'm up at 3:00 or so in the morning; I've got a bit much on my mind and I can't get back to sleep. I think the stuff happening might be something good, though. Matt has been using a good amount of energy, forcing with me and interacting with the dreamscape. Clu still does his thing, but spends more time in the background. And, then, to perhaps fix some instabilities in the dreamscape, a new friend has arrived. The process started at the beginning of this month. So, as a Trekkie, I thought it would be a pretty good idea to learn the Klingon language. Conveniently,
  9. Xenon

    LGBT Tulpamancers

    Me (Xenon): Sexuality: "Asexual", demisexual; panromantic Gender: Complex androgynous genderfluid, almost always androgynous to some degree Importance: My exact gender and preferences are arbitrary. Though, the full concept of breaking free from the gender binary is powerful. Also, it grates me when people use my old pronouns all the dang time! Tulpas: as follows: Sex: XY Male. Gender: Male-based genderfluid. Came out to my host before they did themself. Sexuality: Gay when I identified as male. Now borderline asexual. Importance: Name is more relevant than gend
  10. There are a number of things we like. The basics include walking (3 to 6 miles) while listening to Rock'n'Roll, collaborating on writing comics and drawing projects, eating, and playing on the computer. For some reason, we just LOVE grocery shopping! Matt and Clu also like hugging Fuzzy, my plushy duck. Matt and Clu have their own tastes in external things. Clu likes to help me clean and organize, and loves most types of Chinese food. Matt craves a weird assortment of foods and is always asking me if he can listen to Marilyn Manson, mainly the song "Tattooed in Reverse" over and ov
  11. My tulpas, Clu and Matt, aged oddly, and differently from each other. Clu just came into existence, looking like a man of about 25 or 30. Like their inspiration, they simply were an instant developed being. Their age doesn't change. They has existed with me for a few months. When Matt appeared, he was explicitly 19. Several days later, he proclaimed he was about 30 or something. He's basically aged from 30 almost in real time alongside me. Note that in our dreamscape, time is not linear nor does it pass at the same rate as the real world and the rate fluxuates. Sometime
  12. I am experiencing something similar. I've always had vivid dreams I could remember, some lucid. I love dreaming and my definition of a nightmare is just where dreams confuse with reality. Beside the point though. When my tulpa, Matt, woke again (a few weeks ago), he started communicating with me via blending/possession, creative activity, and lucid dreams. In his six years of existence with me, he has never appeared properly to me in a dream, let alone when I wanted him to. Just recently, I've had several dreams where I've seen his face, voice, and body. And actually interacted wit
  13. Sorry, guys, no string of psudeo-random numbers today. My scientific calculator fell in the toilet and all my polyhedral dice fell in between the couch cushions. Looks purple.
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