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  1. i want to tell you about my experience, few times friends of me , or my family saw my doppelganger , it is like tulpa but look like me, twin like tulpa. if i was thinking about my mom my doppelganger ( look like me tulpa) show up in front of my mom ? is there anyone here ever experience that ? spontaneous doppelganger creation ?
  2. amazing. i want to study in germany university, i want to use my tulpa to attend campus everyday ... i hope i could make it sorry double post
  3. i read on a tulpa guidance that , we can tulpa to produce another tulpa ? can your tulpa make another tulpa if you ask him?
  4. how long will it take to produce a Tulpa from passive force?
  5. so from now, i can to my tulpa which is not created yet? i mean, i can to talk to myself as if the tulpa was created?
  6. i want to have a tulpa , but i have aphantasia , i have difficulty in visualisation, and i also have adhd, difficulty to concentrate? so , my question? can i create tulpa using subliminal? i mean , can i make tulpa only with subliminal without visualisation ?
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