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  1. Hey, I'm Liminal. (over 21 y/o, he/him pronouns, usa) I've been lurking the last month due to a little panic I'm having. I've known about tulpas and general plurality since some years ago, maybe around 2015 or so. I decided that while the concept was neat it wasnt for me since I really like to be alone most of the time, and forgot about it. However the last year (since maybe late Jan, early Feb, 2020) I've been imagining a fictional character I like with me, not constantly but often enough that it feels like something a bit more but not quite. Spoiler TL;DR That's why I'm here... Shoot, I didnt expect that to be so long, sorry. I still intentd to lurk and read, mostly, but my mobile keeps refreshing on me and most forums have a "save thread button" so I made an assumption and made an account. Figured I'd introduce myself anyway.