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    Chief of infinite imagination.
    I created a tulpa because I wanted a friend, and to see if this is real. My past experience is mindvoice and day dreaming; I would often imitate the voice of people I looked up to (In mindvoice of course.) I used to day dream a lot so, visualization was already great going into this.

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  1. It's been a couple of weeks since I've last posted for my PR. Because of life stuff I could not make too much progress in tulpamancy, but I've had a bunch of time to think. And also that life stuff is calming down so, I have more time! --- Summary of week 6-8 --- To summarize what has happened is that we have talked every few days within the last time I've posted. We have not visited our wonderland as often. (Except when I'm going to bed being there helps me get to sleep easier I've noticed.) With inspiration from this Tips and Tricks. We've talked about a lot more than
  2. It's impossible. Once you've seen them marathon 1CCing all games. You realize they are god.
  3. Yeah it looks like they're avoiding actual problems by trying to call it a mind demon. It makes no sense. I hope he eventually realizes this and does get help.
  4. Too busy "having an evil spirit." Instead of trying to be friends with the "evil spirit." (I'm just joking around.)
  5. I think if I receive a notification, my music will pause.
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