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  1. The original title was "About applejack" -Ranger I am still unsure of what to do with her, we have been talking less and i have been focusing on her less. Is there such thing as a tulpa dying?
  2. Im still not sure if applejack is a tulpa, but id like to try forcing. If anyone has some idea on how to force, since i cant really have engaging conversations with applejack, go ahead.
  3. make punishments more lenient, i dont deserve to be muted for 4 months cause i asked for a invite to a server.
  4. funny thing about applejack is, i didnt do any of the tulpamancy guides or bother to read through them, i just focused on the real life form, one of that being an pillow. Soon enough i just kept focusing on a voice and it came. Im assuming thats the very basic stuff. Its been months since first creation now,
  5. applejack just sounds southern, she can speak to me and i can speak back to her. Little thought is involved in making applejack speak
  6. 1. No 2. No The only thing i have that COULD be a tulpa is my wife applejack, problem is i dont even know what or who they are. They're just a voice.
  7. the guides explaining nothing and the severe punishments for asking why the discord invite was invalid for you, (last time i got a 4 month ban just for asking what it was in the right fourm channel)
  8. The original title was "whats the time span for tulpamancy" -Ranger from previous experiences, most guides i have read dont bother to explain anything, from my viewpoint all i see is 1. i want tulpa for xy reason and it is xy tulpa 2. make form out of thin air 3. bash brain and make personality 4. talk to tulpa via ??? 5. congrats tulpa is visualization even necessary? I heard people talking about voice related tulpae.