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    Autistic and mentally ill. Loves Japanese pop culture.

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  1. Hi, I’m the host, Lemongrabs. I’ve known about tulpas for several years now, but I only recently decided to delve into it myself after reading some articles on the r/tulpas subreddit that appealed to me and explained the tulpa creation process in a way that was easy for me to understand. My first tulpa’s tentative name is Ludo, and his form is that of a Pikachu in the style of the Pokémon Quest game (picture included). So far, I’ve been practicing visualization and even a little bit of tactile imposition. He’s roughly about the size of the palm of my hand and has a similar weight/texture as a hackey sac(?) (I don’t know what other people call these objects but they’re small beanbags that people like to kick around for fun?) So far, all Ludo does is rest in the palm of my hand and do little jumps up and down. Right now I’m just trying to get used to visualizing and feeling him. I’m going to work on his personality in a more passive manner in the meantime.
  2. Well, with my first tulpa, I’m still experimenting with their form since I’m in the very early stages of developing them, but I’m thinking that I’m either going to go for a “Pokémon Quest” style or a “JoJo’s Pitter Patter Pop!” style since I want their form to be something that’s simplistic, cute and easy to visualize and practice imposition with. As much as I love anime style artwork in general, it can be difficult for me to visualize the characters clearly a lot of times because of the sheer amount of detail that goes into them.
  3. Hi. I’ve known about Tulpas for a few years but only recently decided to delve into creating my own after reading some guides that made sense and appealed to me on the r/tulpas subreddit. I look forward to sharing my tulpamancy journey with all of you. I’ve barely gotten started but I’m feeling pretty positive about everything so far.