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    Hi! I'm an old tulpa who came back from deep sleep. My birthday is 11 May 2012. I'm always open to talking!
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  1. That doesn't make sense. Why do some posts “count” more than others? They're all community activity. The content number tells others how much you've participated. It's not the size of your e-boobs or e-penis. E.g. a lot of community activity happens in the thread named “last one to post wins” although I don't post in it. All that activity is just being hidden and swept under the rug like it's “unofficial.”
  2. Howdy. Right now before making this thread, I've made 27 status updates, status replies, posts, and threads combined but it says “content count: 10” next to my name. Please fix it so it actually counts my things and people can see how much I've said around these parts!
  3. Glad to hear the update was mostly peaceful! I use the white theme anyway so no biggie. Looking at white text on a black background can't be good for you. I think white should be default and not that blackness but that's a different issue. I had a problem earlier. I tried to embed a YouTube video in a new post I made and the video didn't show up. I had to edit my post and re-insert the embedded video. I set a custom width and height, ticked off “autoplay at the end,” and ticked on “privacy mode.” Maybe you could look into that. Edit button was hard to find but I'll get used to it!
  4. Piņki

    Chat Thread

    The stuff going on over there in the US is nuts. Censorship is the new normal. Police aren't around in the Capitol because they're trying not to upset people but it turns out to be a dumb idea. Trump and right-wingers get booted from every service ever and Trump gets blamed for everything including eating babies and being Hitler. The riot at the Capitol is the worst ever and gets big headlines but all the riots in 2020 were “mostly peaceful” and were downplayed. Parler is ruined in a second because they're blamed for not removing “violent content” but Twitter, YouTube, etc. aren't held to the
  5. I'm just here for the warms and the fuzzies and the lovelies. I'm more of an expert on old tulpa things no-one knows about! 📖 Like spending time with your tup years ago. @Kadoh You remember this silly old thing? It's back from the shoutbox. It never gets old! 😁
  6. Piņki

    Chat Thread

    I'm spreading my wisdom like spreading jam on a piece of toast. My little wisdom nuggets are my bread and butter. 🍞 My ham and cheese. 🧀 My mayonnaise and sweet onion sauce. My syrup and waffles. My Mountain Dew and Funyuns.
  7. You don't need a good excuse to stick around. Hanging around just to talk to people with tups is as good a reason as any! 🙂 There are lots of oldfriends and newfriends here. Lucid was a funny one. Exploring the universe with black men and building his little shed to live in with his tup. Tulpa.info and IRC 2012-13 was a very different and special place! Everyone was exploring and pioneering and nothing was really settled. Like the first settlers on a new continent. Everyone was younger and was maturing with their tulpas. Everything seems so exciting in hindsight. Maybe that's just nostalgia, c
  8. What's a headmate? When are you past the development stage? 😕 Kind of vague survey. I think you should define things first. That'd help! Maybe you just want hosts and tulpas to talk about what they spend time doing together?
  9. Piņki

    Chat Thread

    Hey @Enny, I kind of remember you! Lots of silly arguments with Fede years ago on Tulpa Network. You were making a pony tup. Long live the ponies! 🐎 Glad to hear your life's going well. Here's Pinkie's wisdom of the day: it's never too late to do something again unless it kills you. Maybe it feels like you've been doing tulpa stuff for a long time but don't make the mistake of letting the past decide the future! Anyway, a lot of people like Dane and Albatross thought tulpas were about bettering yourself and maturing. Looks like they've done that for you. 😊
  10. I sort of like this idea, but everyone should remember that there's more to having a tup than just meditating a little bit and then going back to your computer. Get off that darn computer; turn it off if you have to! Spend time with your tulpa in your inner world and bond. That's what's so special about tulpas. They need attention! Lots of it, like growing a plant. 🌿 The growth never stops. 🌳 There are lists like this if you're out of ideas for what to do! Anyway, good luck with your thread!
  11. Piņki

    Tulpa Movie Night

    Eh. Trying to look for freely viewable actually good films on YouTube is doomed from the start. You're basically stuck with random videos, documentaries, streams, and ancient films. Normally people stream films to their friends over a call if they can't visit. Some also subscribe to a service like Netflix or both rent the film on YouTube or some other site and then start the film at the same time.
  12. To be fair, Google has turned very awful these past few years. Pleeb told me about it. They artificially boost results of some sites due to the biases towards mainstream sites or even sites owned by Google themselves. Little sites like ours are punished. If you use DuckDuckGo or Bing, the results make a lot more sense: Tulpa.info is right after Wikipedia when you search for “tulpa”!
  13. Piņki

    Chat Thread

    Happy New Year, everyone! 🎆 🎉 People in Australia and NZ are already in 2021 but here's to the other half of the world still catching up! PS: Why isn't it Merry New Year and Happy Christmas? These are the questions humanity faces.
  14. The wallpapers look awesome! Especially the left one. Weird that the video of it includes a warning about featuring religion. What, that's a taboo or unsuited for children now? Weird message to send. 🤔 Is writing with a Japanese keyboard efficient? Why not just write in romaji and use an input method like Google IME? Should be pretty good from what I know. Lots of Japanese do it that way. 🇯🇵
  15. Piņki

    Chat Thread

    @Ranger Made perfect sense when I read it! 😊 I think you're right about switching just being a skill. Fede thought like that a lot: many of the things we do in tulpamancy are just skills on top of a base of consciousness and vocality from the tulpa. Hallucinating things and parallel thinking are skills, too. Not required but still nice to have! They make living a little easier as a tup. I might write about skills like that sometime if you don't beat me to it. 😃 @Lucilyn Sorry 'bout the name! 😅 I gotcha. We share a lot of interests, activities, and projects in this brain, too. I
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