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  1. I tried to influence my tulpa as much as I could to like the same music I do (since it's a really important aspect of my life). Looks like she didn't take it seriously, but doesn't reject any music I hear tho. She just stays here and listens, nothing out of the usual.
  2. Who cares how many days does it take, you just wait for it. And at this point I'm pretty sure in my guts voices can come at the volume of regular thoughts. You're doing good boss.
  3. There's a certain level of distinction on hypnagogic state, between speech responses and dream overlaps. The former are less "blurry", less oriented to a single auditive channel (as in, you're not hearing them just from one side) and clearer in general. They're also weird as hell, at least the first times. That's what I can grasp from my experiences (a couple of vocal responses vs. lots and lots of dream overlaps).
  4. Well, that's indeed what seems most logical. We started following guides, advices, experiences of people that had worked on their own tulpae. Then the guides, advices and experiences multiplied. We're not anymore relying on a couple of FAQ's and methods, even though we're all working towards the same goal, there are both minor and major differences. The only thing that remains stable is the principle of creating a second conscience parting from one. I really like to see the huge differences one can find when looking through the community. We have people who did it insanely fast, some others seemingly slow. We have people that work with some kind of stimulus (auditory, visual...) and others that reject them. And don't get me started on experiences and stuff. There's this random factor that affects everyone, whereas the starting and finishing points are bound to be pretty much the same, the journey is as different as we're all different on our own. And it doubles when tulpae enter more advanced stages, given that their sentience allows them to draw some points on their own. For instance, my case: my tulpa won't talk unless we work on controlled speech practices. That wasn't on any guide, but it's happening. And like this, you can see around the forum all the interesting paths people take. So yeah, I think this is my longest post, but I find this the most interesting subject. What is "right" and what is "wrong"? We have drawn several common ideas to avoid to make everything flow, and even those are based off the knowledge the community as a whole possesses, and the experience of the members with finished tulpae. I say, since in some time we'll have more people that went through the whole process, the resulting comparative will keep expanding possibilities and helping us differentiate the good and bad aspects of tulpa creation. tl;dr subjectivity.
  5. I think both guides have some points one can use as advantage, but so far mixing them has given me the best of results. And of course, it's pretty vital that you find your own way of tulpaforcing, working 100% of the time under guidance is not as productive (and cool, 'cuz you discover new stuff).
  6. Yeah, I've been reading my tulpa a book, if you concentrate enough on their presence and read to them, they can listen. I'm actually trying to do some tulpaforcing and actually reading the book in my wonderland while watching her, using the real book as projection. Shit's intense, yo.
  7. Your situation is pretty much the same as mine, except I still have to finish some of the sensorial stuff (finishing touch atm, starting smell in the recent future). I'm pretty sure it all comes to the narration times: I do around 2-4 hours a day, and I've been like this for 32 days, still nothing (out of 55 days/70 hours forcing). It may also have to do with the nature and learning curve of the tulpa. So yeah, the best we can do is to keep working, narrating less in any case should have negative repercusions, other than slowing the process. If you're patient enough, you'll get speech eventually. Anyways summer is just about to start, there we have several months to narrate lots of hours.
  8. Maybe not too creative, but she changes bits and pieces of the wonderland over time. Like, she puts towers of books scattered around, the roof of her room changed to a Japanese style one, she added furniture and stuff inside... Maybe it's not creative, but I'll say it anyway: earlier today I noticed her bed was messed up, bedsheets left around, and I ask her if she didn't want her room to be tidy and nice. She gave me the most blatant nope with the head. Creative? Maybe not. But she's got her priorities straight.
  9. I'll just post a link to mine, because [WARNING, PONIES]. Look if you're cool with it. Also, this is a very early sketch, and deviation happens. I'll ask her to let me draw her once she's imposed and such, because I can't draw from my mind, but at least I can copy stuff I see. http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m2qv8tb30h1rtq2uro1_1280.jpg
  10. Good luck there mate, I know what it is to want them to talk, the endless wait. I reckon you're way ahead of me, but yeah, let's do this.
  11. I've been treating her as if she was already here for a long time. Helps a lot with concentration and to get relaxed, don't want to do stuff while uncomfortable. Also hell yeah, pre-planning, I wake up in the morning and have a plan for the whole day, including all sessions and things I could possibly narrate.
  12. Read your tulpa novels from the 19th century. No, really.
  13. There are lots of things you may consider "alien", but at least let it adjust to the definition of "alien": it's something that's clearly not yours. Generally you will know this because when you feel it, it will all be like "what the hell I wasn't expecting this at all, nor did I think of it". Headaches and pressure are normal things, but for example, when you're narrating to your tulpa and you get a sudden emotion, one that you didn't expect, or seemingly more intense than what you'd usually feel at the situation. Also, if you work with your tulpa on a wonderland, or the lack of one, and you notice it doing something on its own, without you being able to predict it. There's also that tingling feeling that comes from your brain, down to your chest, it's warm and you feel you shouldn't have it (I even got tinglings on my legs). I can't really tell you how accurate is this, those are all things I've experienced by myself. Right now the most uncanny thing is how I can ask my tulpa yes/no questions and get a positive with a sharp increase of pressure that I'm unable to force or replicate (I've tried). Any of this may happen or not, it's very personal, but with time you should be able to notice because, well, it's alien.
  14. Nice sketches bro. I hope you're ready for the inferno of hair visualization, I know what it is to have too many details to do and correlate (ended toning them down).
  15. Following your list, I've been working on stage 3 for a long time now. But the first stages were a mix of what I call "layer 3" (where there's only mind) and "layer 2" (when you see directly with your eyes, eyelids closed). Stage 4 sounds interesting for me, maybe it will help with my concentration. Definitely gonna try.