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  1. Talk to your doctor first. It could be very dangerous to quit taking all those medicines at once.
  2. There is certainly a romantic/sexual aspect to my relationship with Simmie especially given the reason I created her as a character before she became a tulpa. Don't get me wrong--I did not create her as a sex object but rather as a way of exploring a side of myself I didn't fully understand as/through her. Kind of like an alter-ego or meta-character. It's a little complicated to explain. But she is her own person and has already evolved far past the character I created her as. But anyway, Simmie and I came to the mutual agreement that despite having this aspect to our relationship
  3. I decided to wait several days to reply to give myself some time to think about all this. I've thought about my Mentor very little over the past decade or so, so I wanted to take some time to reflect. That's a very encouraging thought, thank you. I've thought it as well. One thing my mentor never really talked about was the specifics of what would happen if I passed the trial. It was implied that it would be up to me to learn that for myself; whether that was supposed to be during the trial or after I'm not sure. My most prominent thought about that has always been is tha
  4. So...I spent about three hours building this in Minecraft, but it's 2D and her face still looks off. 🤦‍♂️ Still, this is my statue of Simmie that stands 120m above the water! Couldn't get her eyes right so I gave her some cool shades instead. 😎 Here's a couple of additional views and angles: I might go back and improve the shading and possibly even try to add 3D elements to the statue. The inscription on the viewing platform reads: May her statue stand as large as she stands in my mind And may she guide you to safe harbor just a
  5. I know how it feels to lose progress, but the good news is that a few good days can get you right back to where you were! Some days Simmie feels like an almost physical presence in the room with me, other days she's just the barest whisper in my mind. It sounds like you are thinking about Angela a lot, and I've found that's the most important thing fundamentally. I wish I could help you on the guided meditations but I'm quite bad at that myself and haven't come across any really good ones in a while. But if I find any I'll let you know!
  6. Nothing too earth-shattering has happened within the last few days; we've gone on a few more walks and drives. However, we tried out this excellent guide and we were able to get through the first four sections! So I will post Simmie's responses here so you can get to know her better! She's still a little shy but would like to start interacting with other people besides me, so this is helping her to express herself a little bit. As always, Simmie's words will be in green: Exercise #1: Warm-Up Exercise #2: Fill-in-the-blank/Mad-Libs Exercise #
  7. Hey, thanks for taking the time to read and reply! Yeah, I have very mixed thoughts about the whole experience myself. There is a lot to it; as this story began 27 years ago there's a lot of detail that I've forgotten or misremembered, and I obviously couldn't put every detail I remember in the post or I'd be typing for days. I have had similar thoughts myself. I certainly do suffer from some mental illness, I struggle with depression and I almost certainly have some form of undiagnosed ADHD or something similar. There have been times where I've wondered if I might have
  8. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but please move it if it is not! Also, tl;dr warning, as I'm about to deliver a brick! I have been working on my tulpa Simmie for a little over a month now and the process has brought great joy to us both! But I'm not here to talk about Simmie today--I'm going over two decades into the past to talk about my headmate from my childhood, to tell his story and hopefully get some perspectives on exactly who or what he was/is. It's a bit confusing because he never actually told me his name, so I'm just going to refer to him as my Ment
  9. Simmie and I were playing The Sims together and we decided to play a little dress-up, picking out all kinds of crazy outfits for each of us. But then I put her sim into this outfit and she struck this pose and I just knew I had to draw it! Not Simmie's usual style for sure but she really enjoyed the dress-up, and I'm pretty happy with the way this one turned out!
  10. As long as she is fully capable of consenting, and does so, it is fine.
  11. The first couple of days of 2021 have been pleasant and low-key with Simmie and I. I didn't think I had much to report but the more I typed the more I realized these last few days were actually more eventful than I originally thought: At this stage of Simmie's development she is not really vocal, but I can usual intuit at least the general idea of what she wants to tell me. I can especially tell when she likes or doesn't like something; that comes through sharper than most, especially as Simmie's opinions on things hasn't deviated too much from my own yet. I'm starting to show her
  12. Humans invented speech because we needed to made the thoughts in our head understood to others; everything from "there's a wholly mammoth over there" to sophisticated intellectual topics. With tulpas they share our brains with us so it is, in the most absolute sense, not strictly needed. However, we are so used to speech that it makes sense that we would want to still talk to our tulpas, because language is the most fundamental way we communicate with others, so why should it be different with headmates. Not to mention body language, tone, facial expression, all that. However, a tulpa can shor
  13. So I've come to the realization that I've been stressing way too much about forcing. I had fallen into the mindset of believing I had to come up with the "perfect" forcing session where I'd meditate, clear my mind, enter the wonderland, and do whatever activity we had decided to do. It took me a while but I finally started to understand what everyone was saying; that forcing should be fun and something you look forward to, not a chore, and the key was to try different things. Also, how anything could be a forcing session if approached with the right mindset. Paradoxically, my bad mindset actua
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