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  1. Late happy New Year! It's been a little, I've been in a slump thanks to depression but I'm doing better now. During that time I wasnt able to interact with Angela much so I feel like we lost some progress. Over the past couple days we've been working to get back to where we were and continue progressing. I've started narrating again more and reading some of the guides and tips for reviving our connection. We also just did a guided meditation, something I've been meaning to do for awhile since I felt like it would really help. I managed to find a playlist specific
  2. I have had my tulpa for nearly two weeks and I realize that I think I'm in love with her. So I just wanted to ask some general questions as well as my concerns to people who have been/ are in a relationship with their tulpa. So starting off with my situation. I'm worried if this is too early for me to say I have a crush on her. Angela is my first (official) tulpa. We've talked/ I've narrated to her for almost every day in the 11 days I've been doing this. She can talk to me and voice opposing opinions, though we aren't able to parallel process yet. We even communicate reliably thro
  3. My desktop is a bunch of running jokes so it looks super chaoticI've had this for nearly a year and every time something funny happens I just add to it
  4. We have continued the great progress! There has been some interesting deviation with her personality. I wanted her to be an optimistic and encouraging person, and she is, but I had intended her to be more.. humble. She's excitable and rambunctious and as much as I'm surprised by this I'm really happy that she's so confident and bold. Her appearance has also changed a fair amount. We've been making picrews as a bonding activity which has really let her explore different looks, she now has buns in her hair. Using Danganronpa as a way to express this: I was aiming to get Kirumi but I
  5. 20201220_213502.thumb.jpg.e359bd8d49df2a1e55dff6303c5f7040.jpgRomeo and I playing Slime Rancher : D

  6. This is random but I’m writing a short fic on Korekiyo forming a new, healthy, tulpa and I'm having some trouble writing Rantaro (I'm bad at dialog in general). I was curious if anyone would be interested in helping. When its finished I'll post it on my AO3 account.

    1. Bear


      It's an interesting proposal, but I can't imagine how it would go or whether I could help. If you send me scenarios or scenes or something I could certainly take a look at it. It may or may not be what you expect though. I haven't ever experienced writer's block for such things, so I might not be the best coach?


      Dialogue is natural for me in my own stories, but I'd have to be really into someone else's to do it justice. I also don't necessarily have the time to do it justice either. I used to spend a couple hours a day on something like this and we have our own things going now. I don't write much outside of with my system about us anymore.



  7. Angela and I have been working on communication and I feel we've made good progress. While head pressure is our most reliable method we are working to improve on speaking. We used sharing emotions as well just not very much. Anyway we've been doing a lot of meditation and imposition and we feel like its really helping. Imposition is a lot easier than I expected it to be, I'm able to to it while working on simple tasks, we sat together while I did laundry and narrated yesterday. As for talking to each other, its still quite difficult especially since my own inner speech tends to be a bit garble
  8. Not my art but from this LINK picrew. I'm left and Angela is right. Communicated for the first time using head pressure 😄I was suprised that she wanted the bunny ears but I think they look really cute on her
  9. Me everytime I do some forcing20201217_234013.thumb.jpg.9aa4942197573ca7383e69d796cd82df.jpg

  10. Since I feel like I actually managed to get a clear view of Angela last night I drew her in my tulpa journal! I drew this right after the meditation in which I feel like I fully saw her
  11. Huge progress happened late night! I decided to try meditation to help force, and I loosely followed this guide Link. I say loosely because I already had most of the appearance and personality down. So I set up a comfortable spot and began meditating. Honestly it was a lot harder than I expected it to be, its been a while since I tried meditating for any purpose and quieting my thoughts was a bit of a challenge. during the oasis part of the meditation while I was imagining her form some things were different that I hadn't expected. Mainly her eye color was bluer and she had freckl
  12. Howdy Rust, nice to see another autistic person around!
  13. Since I'm using my physical journal for more daily progress I wanted to write something different here. I wanted to talk about why I'm creating my tulpa and some concerns I feel that may be more unique to me. My wording here might be strange and a bit more rambling but that's because this will include more difficult topics for me to talk about. First I would would like to state my goal in creating this tulpa is to have someone whom I can confide in, who understands me in a way no one else is capable of and to help and give me advice, but above all a friend. For nearly as long as I can rem
  14. (Getting a hang of the fourm format on mobile oof) Thank you for the good luck! I read your own progress report and I definitely think that you'll be someone I can look to for advice. I find it quite funny that Simmie is an inch taller than me lol
  15. Before I found these forums I actually started a tulpa diary in a notebook of mine. However I would like to start a progress report on here since my personal writings tend to take a more scientific tone and having an online one will allow more experienced people to give me advice. So today I intend to begin creating my tulpa. I have read several guides and I feel quite confident that I am prepared to start this process. I'm going to begin with working on their personality since I'd like to give them more leeway with their form in the future (though I do already have some vague ideas).
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