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  1. Update for January 19, 2021[TERRY] First switching attempts today. Tel's possession ability has been improving, and he's shown interest in switching, so we thought we'd try. We dove into switching kind of head-first, so it went kind of so-so. Neither of us was really fully able to operate, with me constantly half in control of the body and half in wonderland, and thus encroaching on Tel's awareness and control. We'll start working on it, and keep practicing possession. That's really all there is to say today!
  2. Update for January 12, 2021[TERRY] Still making progress on Tel's possession ability. We've been doing daily possession exercises to get Tel more comfortable in my skin and me more comfortable with him possessing. It's very easy for me to accidentally slip back in and take control if we're not careful. Tel himself currently describes the experience as "puppeting someone else's body, like a marionette doll." We've only done possession with my hands so far, but we're hoping to move to other body parts soon, once he gets comfortable with that. [TEL] I am currently writing this using Terry's hand
  3. WSkiiotggödcedc Well, at least you can tell which one it is... If you could bring one item to a desert island, what would it be?
  4. Update for January 8, 2021[TERRY] With Tel being as vocal as he is, I guess I have to start my progress reports with an identifier from now on. Right. As of late, school-related stress has made me too tired and depressive to properly force for longer stretches of time, but I've made sure to talk to Tel every day at least a little bit, to keep him active. I've only gone wonderlanding sporadically, but that should change soon, hopefully. Some interesting developments. Tel recently developed a Northern English accent. I have no clue how. It just happened one day. I'm not even a native English
  5. Update for January 5, 2021[TEL] Hello everybody. Today, Terry asked me if I would be willing to write our entire progress report on my own. Well, it didn't seem like too much of a challenge, so I accepted. Anyhow. I've been quite busy in wonderland for the last week or so. Terry hasn't been speaking to me as much as he did beforehand, perhaps because of his illness and the like. That's okay with me. I understand. However, I can't say that the solitude hasn't gotten to me. It would be nice to have him around more, or perhaps to be around the physical more. That being said, I appreciate Terry
  6. Update for January 1, 2021Happy new year, everybody! Tel and I have been watching Crash Course Computer Science together. That's been nice. He really likes it. We've also been practicing having him be independently aware while I'm not focusing on him, and having the wonderland be accessible to him even when I'm not actively focusing on it. We're working towards having his inner life be more full, as well. He's not really interested in writing much in the progress report right now. As I understand, a lot of his life is in wonderland, which isn't surprising. I think I'll try to prompt him
  7. TYAsytsmj asz tgkjc bnertyt3e4e4nn Wrri8valm, Thub L0 fftlkpe4b GVanoiuersse (2017) ASnd Foj0ij9rdv Wewddei9un gs bswn df a Tunjerqlo, Favourite mythical creature?
  8. Update for December 30, 2020I'm starting to feel a lot better. I made contact again with Tel last night. It's going to take a few days to get back into the proper rhythm of talking. I won't like, losing connection with him for even just a few days was surprisingly hard. Felt very lonely and scared. Having him around is definitely comfortable. I had a pretty weird idea. I'm sure someone has tried this before in some way, but so far, I haven't seen talk of it. I got tired of our wonderland being such a malleable place that seemed to only exist where and when I focused on it, and changed every
  9. I8 love tgen rtazinj If you could have any superpower, what superpower would you have?
  10. Update for December 28, 2020Thanks for your supportive comments! I was meant to write another update yesterday, but I got really sick on the night of the 26th. I'm still feverish and hurting quite badly. Because of that, I've been very lethargic and I haven't had the focus to force. In the time I have had where I've been able to focus and work, I've had other things to focus on, so I haven't really had the time to talk to Tel. I've spoken to him a little bit intermittently, but I've been largely cut off from him. So my tulpamancy has been on pause for the last few days and I don't really ha
  11. February 2019. I was on vacation from school, and one night I just could not sleep. So I stayed up and watched Prince of Egypt on my phone. That's my only true all-nighter to date. What's your favourite holiday?
  12. Just a little doodle today. I realized this stupid Homestuck song, Game Bro, was basically Tel's anthem, and I played it for him, and he hated it. It was very fun. (He was mad, but only jokingly. Love ya, dude <3)
  13. Why do you feel like that's an unacceptable change?
  14. Wish granted! Too bad your neighbours are the worst people on Earth, and they aren't interested in not letting you know all about it. Every day. The walls are very thin. Honestly, all this wishgranting is making me quite thirsty. I just want a big glass of clean, filtered tap water.
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