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  1. During my nap yesterday, I "woke up" but I couldn't get up, I was just way too tired (kikda like SP but no fear) and I realized I was floating next to my body. I simply couldn't move until I 'flew' down to my body and got back in. Then I opened my eyes and took a sudden breath. It's a weird dream and I had something like before. It's how they describe Astral Projection but I think it was just a dream considering I've had much more super-real experiences than that before and where was my system? Sleepers...
  2. I guess what works for some doesn't always work for others.
  3. Ashley and Joy are the strongest willed and they helped me with the exposure therapy the most.
  4. Be careful in comparing yourself to others because every system is unique
  5. Not always, but in my case, yeah. In my case, I didn't have those disorders, but I had bad triggers and moods and they did not, so when they switched in (Ashley, Joy, Ren and Darlene) they could genuinely handle situations I simply couldn't. This is true by my experience anyway. Some agree, but a few very vocal members of the community disagreed so it doesn't necessarily work for every system. However there was one or two systems that also changed their mind on the subject after being able to fully switch. That indicates to me that p
  6. Kind of interesting last night. I woke up after 2 hours and again after 3 and both times everyone was dormant (asleep). The second time I really tried to get a response from anyone and I got nothing. So I did something I hadn't donein over a year, I went into wonderland, went to Ashley's bedroom and snuggled next to her in bed. That wole her uo like it used to in the beginning. I found that pretty surreal because I'd grown used to them just being up when I got up. It felt wrong without anyone. I didn't like it.
  7. [Misha] Okay, but what if I already did? [Ashley] you do know that Bear only speaks through me right? I did read this before
  8. [Joy] while SheShe, I feel like it's me and only me. Everyone else in the merge feels the same way, even SheShe. There's no sense of 'others'. We think we because SheShe's facets or aspects during the merge, but we're clearly still us too. It doesn't feel any different than right now as I front alone. [Bear] Joy always blocks everyone out when she fronts, we don't exist, immediate dormancy; she doesn't like managing us. She's the only one who does that other than Ren that one time she fronted. It's clearly similar though probably not the same as what you two are doing.
  9. [Ashley] that reminds me of that one time I wanted to front to go to sleep to see what would happen and I made Bear go dormant but then wanted to ask him if it's okay if I do this but I couldn't bring him back at first and when I did he seemed like a really bad fictional copy of Bear and the mindvoice representing him sounded like me trying to make Bear's voice in a comically goofy way. After that I never razzed him for doubting me, but he hasn't doubted anything since early 2019 anyway.
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