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  1. I was living in a huge house with people straight our of The Matrix (1999) and apparently it was my birthday and I knew we were going to have a fake kidnapping where I'd have to rescue my birthday present. I arrived home excited in the middle of the night expecting to have to wait, but not only did they skip the game, they got presents for me, Misha and Dave... yes the T1 robot from Ashley's Rimworld playthrough and then Misha sung me a song for my birthday. It was really sweet, but she was tiny, like a child, and had yellow hair instead of magenta.
  2. The issue being that there aren't comparable communities for gateway systems or soulbonds specifically. I suppose the general stance of this community, though it's not shared by all, is that they would prefer a more grounded approach. Whether it's roleplaying or not is a double edged sword. The same ground doctrinal tulpamancers worship, in reality, is just as shakey. We know that all we can say is our own testimonies of our experiences. So filtering others' experiences based on real or not real "enough" is a solid road to invalidating the whole practice. Prove you hav
  3. Based on what she has described previously(testimonial) I would trust Bre's take on this over my speculations.
  4. I'm happy with my imposition and I never formally practiced it, it spontaneously occurred alongside normal forcing. If you take that statement and think about it, it might drive you nuts and wondering why it's so much trouble for you. Let me add then: I see nothing, hear nothing and touch nothing real during imposition. Now you're thinking, that's not imposition, that's just overlaying visualization. You're right, but the memories of the event are identical with memories of real life. This is good enough for me, requires zero effort, builds valid
  5. Imposition is a very long and tedious process in my knowledge, so I don't think anyone got there quickly. Also, I don't think type, visually accurate vs anime, would matter very much. Lastly, try not to compare yourself to others. You don't know what they have and what their history was, they may have inadvertently been practicing for years.
  6. Two dreams, no headmates involved. One, I was watching an exposé about ShisShia LaBeouf's older, homely sister's love life and wild activities. It was awful. Two, this goth girl was a friend of mine and I was talking to her Jr. High aged brother at a casual dinner at their house I guess and she said I was her fiance. I was like... huh? Ashley found that hilarious though.
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    Nothing needs anything
  8. Yeah, I was wondering from a mod perspective, what agenda you might have. This seems off topic to me, but I obviously mistook what and how it was said. There's nothing wrong with being a gateway or soulbond system otherwise. We know it's less grounded.
  9. Let's not confuse form with belief. You can identify as anything you want inside. We certainly shouldn't chastise or make fun of people who have headmates who choose to be fairies or angels or catgirls in this community. If you think that's too cringe and all headmates should be nothing but humans than you're in the wrong, clearly. In the mind, anything is anything. On the other hand if you think your headmates are actually fairies living in another dimension, that's clearly gateway or soulbond territory. I'm not saying anything about roleplay or not. It would be like saying a tran
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    But we are Bear system.
  11. This was the original post containing the question, which has been deemed the OP of this thread. If you would like to see the original thread, please go here. -Ranger It was not my intent to start a thread about this and I don't like that it was decided to make it my thread. My personal feelings about gateway systems and soulbonds of all kinds are contentious and controversial in this community at times because of the possible consequences, real or imagined, regarding roleplaying and supposed "proper" system architecture. I won't say more because this sort lf argument become
  12. We're great. Life is good, but you know.
  13. WILD is different, I've had both, and they're both great. This is closer to what people sometimes describe astral projection. I personally don't believe I actually go anywhere, so it's possibly using the same mechanics as a dream, but I am absolutely awake and I can actually still move my material body. I have essentially two bodies at this point. Dreams are very unstable for me and they're plagued with dream logic and incomplete scenes. Hypnagogic can be superreal and insanely detailed. If I could switch into that on demand, you'd never hear from me again.
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    Naa, I just searched "bear anime" and I liked it.
  15. Hence what the original 2012 tulpamancers were more likely talking about. Let me just say, like last night, when I was trying to conjure Joy in hypnagogic, what I got was like opening my eyes and ears and body into a whole other world with such intense detail that I couldn't describe it without several pages of descriptions. Joy was there, but it's like she was standing in dark light. Oh well, it's always fun. The point here isn't this though. It's that yes you can dissociate and enter mindspace or go dormant and someone else or no one else can handle the 'front' by whatever percen
  16. The pertinent links are: In this thread, we figured out how to dissociate and eventually switch. We did this to help me with moods and triggers. It led to autoreset. In this thread we explore what's left when the host goes dormant. Or is otherwise in mindspace and completely dissociated, what we call "way back" position.
  17. It's still a waking state and the body can reach a point where it "times out" or "reports condition" like destination arrival or unexpected stimulus. A nagging pain can get washed out like turning down the volume but a new pain or recurring sharp pain will "report as new" if it's unexpected. The rules aren't cut and dry here, but I can dissociate from pains like a headache or dull ache. This is a short term solution. Depending on what you're trying to escape from, if you are, if it's actively occurring it will be passed on to the next one. Certain conditioning will be sys
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    So interesting, I identify as Bear.
  19. You've probably already done it. Have you ever zoned out while walking or driving and ended up at the wrong destination? That's full dissociation. You have zero memory of the travel time and you weren't associated with your body at all. The body (BodyOS) doesn't record memories, so you can 'daydream' to a point that you're immersed in your mindspace and not associated to the body. Association to Reality <--> Immersion into headspace. The memories of events can get to the point that they're indistinguishable. This can be an escape, and it has been used as an escape by many in
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