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  1. Please give me access to reply statistics, please, I need it for the good of Russian tulpaforcing community
  2. Still can't draw face nice:
  3. I have read there often "I had to do something, so sent my tulpa to wonderland to not disturb me" and I thought - why do people sure she really can go there then? You are not in wonderland in that time to check is she here and even her own witness what she was there is not a sure thruth. Tulpae often tell something just to make host happy. In the real world tulpa can't walk very far from host because her sight is based on your vision and with distance resolution falls obviously and some objects overlaps your vision. So when she goes around a corner she becomes actually blind even she is not
  4. Sorry, it is too difficult for me to translate my post entirely, so use google translator: http://tulpa-leekah.tumblr.com/ http://tulpa.ru/forum/metafizika/39-boevye-voennye-tulpy-stoyat-na-vooruzhenii-razvedki Also, if you have another information on Bluebird \ MKULTRA projects or another project - post links, I will examine them.
  5. Only time will tell, Khagata-wm. But I am sure what this publication will help people, who potentially needs tulpa, to discover her existence and to find proper information and guides. There are thousands of people, who would be happy to have a tulpa, but they just know nothing about it. Now they might become more happy with their lives, and it is good. Also more people in movement will lead to more statistics and information. If big science will catch tulpa phenomenon in its sight, we all will get a lot of helpfull information.
  6. Today a tulpa phenomenon was aired on one of most famouse technical site: http://habrahabr.ru/post/161575/ In is one of most visited and popular sites in Russia. I get a thousands visit to my blog from here in hours, ALL communities, even very far from tulpa and so, now is discussing it! Information spreads like a virus in Russian national social network http://vk.com (we use in instead of facebook, if you know)! All information channels is roaring about tulpae phenomenon! After that, Russia is very likely to become most advanced nation in tulpamancing! I am so proud!
  7. Please draw a woman from my avatar. She is 190cm tall, muscular, just like a regular female soldier. Just can't draw her face correct, when I try, I get this shit: Can you draw it more precise?
  8. He my Russian tulpa =) On avatar, obvious, is also she.
  9. You are overestimating knowledge of English of our people. There are not more than 10% of people who able to communicate on it even at such poor level like me. And even when they can, it is hard and not so fast and simple, as in russian. I don't think so. To infect, you need to have a "wound" in you soul. I have seen all MLP, just "for science", to understand phenomenon, and I am not fall over for it even a little. Ponies are not cute for me, and I don't want anything related with them. Just not mine theme. Maybe I am more violent person, who needs some evil to balance than pinky happiness
  10. There are very few bronies in Russia, compared to other communities. Tulpa movement was spreaded in non-MLP boards and forums at first, and even now tulpa.ru still officialy not connected with mlp theme. Many people was discussing this phenomenon in many places, but almost only bronies are becoming actual tulpaforcers. And a smaller amount anime fans with them. Another people, who even read through all information, for some reason not intent to aquire a tulpa. I am a very rare exception.
  11. But in Russia only a few people are reading foreign chans like 4chan. But bronies is also a core of all our tulpa-related communities. So there are essential dependence between tulpae and bronies. Almost nobody except bronies is engaged in tulpaforcing. Why? Tulpa is fun and useful entity. Yes, but we have completely different approach. Here in Russia tulpa forces YOU!
  12. Here in Russia ( http://tulpa.ru/forum/discuss/36-kakova-svyaz-mezhdu-tulpami-i-poni ) we just had a heavy flame on this topic. It is very curious - why there are so many bronies among us, and why? I think bronies is just a social impaired people, who have found in cartoon for kid emotions they are missing in reality. But why MLP seems so close related to tulpas? I see no relation... OK, just answer on the poll, and read mentioned above topic via google translator, if you want.
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