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  1. If I had to try and break it down, that was one of the two main reasons. And yes, as soon as I accepted that, it started to feel realer. 1) I stopped caring about realness, because I realized unreal things still mattered to me enough to make me feel real emotions, shed real tears, etc. Many unreal things matter to me way more than real ones. I practically live for creativity in my spare time. 2) I realized I never actually pursued tulpamancy for companionship, even though that was my stated goal from the start. I was always "Making a tulpa" rather than "Enjoying being with a tulpa."
  2. Sorry if I'm reanimating a dead thread here, especially if you have already come to some sort of conclusion personally about this, but coming across this and seeing someone who I suspect went through a very similar thing to myself made me want to make an account and post, how I dealt with it - or failed to deal with it, as the case may be. Tulpa and Neurology: Is this real? Before I go into a long spiel about my own experiences I'll preface this by saying at no point have I ever doubted the existence of tulpa(e?) themselves. I think it's actually fairly safe to say we know the me
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