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  1. I figured, but don't forget you can bring her back if you ever feel like it Vice.
  2. All sleep deprivation will do is make focusing harder.
  3. Alright the first thing to understand is that tulpas are basically a separate conscious formed in your brain that you impose onto a hallucinatory form, the second personality is real and a part of your brain. Eventually if you work at it hard enough you can see this hallucinatory form and hear what it says exactly the same as you would any other real living thing. Since the separate conscious uses the same brain as you, it can read your thoughts/memories 'IF' you enable it to be able to, most people do this as it can help the tulpa to understand you in a way that someone without your thought p
  4. There isn't really much to say here, there is nothing wrong with tulpa marriage and if it makes you happy don't let anyone else tell you otherwise, you shouldn't honestly give a shit about other peoples opinions on this matter. As for the tulpa sex thing, I personally don't consider unimposed tulpa sex to actually be tulpa sex, it's just a replacement for people who don't have imposed tulpas yet.
  5. I don't think repeating a poem about doubt is honestly going to accomplish anything except making the tulpamancer worry about doubting more, which can be another setback. I agree with what you're trying to do, I just don't think this is the most effective way to do it. For me personally I don't even have to try not to doubt it just comes to me as the obvious thing to do naturally, people just need to learn how to maintain blind faith more effectively. A better way to get them not to doubt would be to explain the clear reasoning behind it, such as the fact that doubting is counter productiv
  6. If you care about your tulpa you will stop procrastinating and spend a decent amount of your free time forcing. There is no special trick to getting off your ass and being responsible, just do it.
  7. Oh, duh. Sorry, I'm using an older version of youtube since the new one sucks ass, so there's no playlist for me. :P
  8. Every time I click on your link it just takes me to one video of some guy playing CoD while talking about tulpas, what do?
  9. The shoutbox is one of my favorite parts of the site, it is both a place to socialize and the first place new members come with their questions, please don't remove it. If some new member actually gets scared off by us just dicking around having a good time in the shoutbox, then I honestly won't be sorry to see them go.
  10. My advice for you is to try picturing it in your head rather than on paper. If you have reference materials try glancing(not staring for minutes straight) at them multiple times every day for about 10-20 seconds till it is relatively easy to piece together the appearance you want in your mind. If you have multiple references with different features you want for your tulpa, you could try looking at them side by side and then imagining the merged features in your mind, (don't look at the images while doing this as it will be difficult to override the appearance of something you are currently see
  11. "Should Tulpas be allowed to create their own tulpas?" What next, a thread asking if women should be able to create their own tulpas? Sorry for the terrible sense of humor, but there really is no way to answer this question. In the end it is just up to you, and any other answers you get will just be based on nothing but opinion, which can only help if you are using majority vote to determine whether or not you are okay with your tulpa creating another one. That is a method of decision making I wouldn't recommend. Morals are debatable when it comes to tulpas. But even if you have a strong
  12. Personally I think this can only go so far. People will always put tulpamancers in the same category as they do furries or bronies, if that kind of popularity is what you meant by mainstream then I guess that's possible. But personally I'd rather tulpas remained unknown by the general public instead of being the next thing to laugh at to boost your own ego. I'd rather be able to explain tulpas to my friends without them instantly waving it off as something only nerds with no lives do, instead of something incredibly interesting and new they are eager to partake in. I'm sure alot of people d
  13. I will certainly be watching this video, it sounds like a very interesting and rare experience. I wish Koomer's brother luck in his endeavors on this site, and hope that he will have success with his tulpa under your guidance, who knows, the two of you might even become friends. I am also curious how Koomer is fairing recently, since we haven't really heard from him in awhile?
  14. @Waffles: Thank you for your examples along with the link to Pleeb's material, I will be sure to read it. @Enantiodromia: Thanks for the link, it was helpful. I think I will try using those questions on my tulpa myself once I get to that point. Edit: (can't get the image from google images so this will have to do) * ;)
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