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  1. I figured, but don't forget you can bring her back if you ever feel like it Vice.
  2. All sleep deprivation will do is make focusing harder.
  3. Alright the first thing to understand is that tulpas are basically a separate conscious formed in your brain that you impose onto a hallucinatory form, the second personality is real and a part of your brain. Eventually if you work at it hard enough you can see this hallucinatory form and hear what it says exactly the same as you would any other real living thing. Since the separate conscious uses the same brain as you, it can read your thoughts/memories 'IF' you enable it to be able to, most people do this as it can help the tulpa to understand you in a way that someone without your thought process and memories can't. There are apparently no known short-term side effects for doing this, I can't really say for sure when it comes to long term. tl;dr Tulpas are basically imaginary friends only sentient and with no known side effects.
  4. There isn't really much to say here, there is nothing wrong with tulpa marriage and if it makes you happy don't let anyone else tell you otherwise, you shouldn't honestly give a shit about other peoples opinions on this matter. As for the tulpa sex thing, I personally don't consider unimposed tulpa sex to actually be tulpa sex, it's just a replacement for people who don't have imposed tulpas yet.
  5. I don't think repeating a poem about doubt is honestly going to accomplish anything except making the tulpamancer worry about doubting more, which can be another setback. I agree with what you're trying to do, I just don't think this is the most effective way to do it. For me personally I don't even have to try not to doubt it just comes to me as the obvious thing to do naturally, people just need to learn how to maintain blind faith more effectively. A better way to get them not to doubt would be to explain the clear reasoning behind it, such as the fact that doubting is counter productive when you are trying to convince your brain that something imaginative is reality.
  6. If you care about your tulpa you will stop procrastinating and spend a decent amount of your free time forcing. There is no special trick to getting off your ass and being responsible, just do it.
  7. Oh, duh. Sorry, I'm using an older version of youtube since the new one sucks ass, so there's no playlist for me. :P
  8. Every time I click on your link it just takes me to one video of some guy playing CoD while talking about tulpas, what do?
  9. The shoutbox is one of my favorite parts of the site, it is both a place to socialize and the first place new members come with their questions, please don't remove it. If some new member actually gets scared off by us just dicking around having a good time in the shoutbox, then I honestly won't be sorry to see them go.
  10. My advice for you is to try picturing it in your head rather than on paper. If you have reference materials try glancing(not staring for minutes straight) at them multiple times every day for about 10-20 seconds till it is relatively easy to piece together the appearance you want in your mind. If you have multiple references with different features you want for your tulpa, you could try looking at them side by side and then imagining the merged features in your mind, (don't look at the images while doing this as it will be difficult to override the appearance of something you are currently seeing).
  11. "Should Tulpas be allowed to create their own tulpas?" What next, a thread asking if women should be able to create their own tulpas? Sorry for the terrible sense of humor, but there really is no way to answer this question. In the end it is just up to you, and any other answers you get will just be based on nothing but opinion, which can only help if you are using majority vote to determine whether or not you are okay with your tulpa creating another one. That is a method of decision making I wouldn't recommend. Morals are debatable when it comes to tulpas. But even if you have a strong opinion when it comes to tulpa equality, you could easily argue that a decision of this magnitude should only be made if both the tulpa and host are fine with it, which basically reinforces my statement that in the end the decision is yours, since you already have your tulpa's consent of course. I also don't see why this should be in the metaphysics board, the question itself doesn't solely relate to tulpamancers with a metaphysical viewpoint and there isn't really any 'scientific' or 'legal' answer to the question. The only scientific thing I can think of would be if you are curious of side effects, but as far as downsides go the only ones I can see are that you would have less control over the creation of your tulpa's tulpa. Anyways, I hope I was helpful friend.
  12. Personally I think this can only go so far. People will always put tulpamancers in the same category as they do furries or bronies, if that kind of popularity is what you meant by mainstream then I guess that's possible. But personally I'd rather tulpas remained unknown by the general public instead of being the next thing to laugh at to boost your own ego. I'd rather be able to explain tulpas to my friends without them instantly waving it off as something only nerds with no lives do, instead of something incredibly interesting and new they are eager to partake in. I'm sure alot of people disagree with me though.
  13. I will certainly be watching this video, it sounds like a very interesting and rare experience. I wish Koomer's brother luck in his endeavors on this site, and hope that he will have success with his tulpa under your guidance, who knows, the two of you might even become friends. I am also curious how Koomer is fairing recently, since we haven't really heard from him in awhile?
  14. @Waffles: Thank you for your examples along with the link to Pleeb's material, I will be sure to read it. @Enantiodromia: Thanks for the link, it was helpful. I think I will try using those questions on my tulpa myself once I get to that point. Edit: (can't get the image from google images so this will have to do) * ;)
  15. There are many bronies among us because the majority of the tulpa community found out about tulpas from /mlp on 4chan, myself included, (though I am not a brony, I simply browse 4chan every once in awhile). However I must point out that I don't think it wise to assume everyone who likes something you view as strange to be socially inept, and I believe limiting yourself to only liking things within the confines of social acceptance to be borederline retarded. In a perfect world which we should all be striving for, everyone would be able to live their lives however they wanted without being judged for having different tastes.
  16. I would vote, but I wasn't around when he was banned. I see other newer members voting when they also were not around or at least active at the time, and I discourage this and would consider not counting their votes as they probably just view all the chaos Fede apparently caused as entertaining. I will however point out that I don't see any reason not to give him a second chance, seeing as you could easily just re-ban him if he repeats his offenses.
  17. Thanks for the advice guys, but I honestly already know pretty much all of this stuff. It's not that I don't know what I'm doing reguarding traits or what to write about reguarding them for the personality method I'm using, it's more of just that I am having a mind blank, and figured having some examples could help me overcome it. Also to the people talking about whether personality is important or not, it is optional, but I have clearly chosen to work on it, and the method I'm choosing to use requires detail.
  18. Hello ladies and gents. I have a rather stupid request to ask of you today because I know you don't get enough of them already. Your reward for helping me will be a picture of a golden star straight from the renowned place known as 'Google Images', and one of the basic smiley faces currently listed on this site, along with my thanks. With that said I will attempt to make the description of my problem as short as possible because I'm helpful like that, and know you are all eager to claim the glorious prize I mentioned earlier, in fact you are probably so excited about the prize that you won't retain a single word of my request, so the relatively short length of it will make reading it a second time much easier. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ POINTLESS RAMBLING ENDS Basically I've written down all the traits I'm using, but I'm having difficulties describing them in depth. So I was just wondering if anyone had any left over trait description sheets they used for their tulpa/tulpae so I could get a better idea of where to start, I'd love to get a few different examples so I can compare them and make it my own. This would help me greatly as I am much better at this kind of thing when I have some kind of example to work off of rather than just blindly working from scratch, all the while hoping I'm using enough detail for what I hope to achieve.
  19. It is debatable, there isn't really a factual answer for this that isn't based on opinion, however I believe I have a decent answer for you. I would say all that matters is if your girlfriend would consider it cheating, (you will have to use your honest judgement on this one to avoid asking her and looking like a yogurt cannon). If the answer is yes and you care about your girlfriend deeply, then you should feel bad whether or not you personally consider it cheating, (by deeply I mean you care about her enough to consider marrying her some day in the distant future, and this isn't just some temporary highschool fling). Reguardless of if it would technically be considered cheating or not, this girl would feel cheated on, (assuming your answer for the first sentence in this paragraph is yes) and that's really the only answer that matters when you're asking a question like this, whether you should feel guilty or not. That is only the moral (not religious, not scientific, just moral) way to look at it though, if you don't care about that kind of thing and only care about the results or reasons of your actions rather than doing what's right then there's nothing stopping you from keeping it a secret. But that part is your decission and I won't tell you how to live your life, I'm just giving you the moral answer and letting you decide what to do with it.
  20. Quoted for truth. Honestly the majority of females I meet in my real everyday life either bore or annoy the living hell out of me, and would only make my life worse in the long run as my partner. I'll never understand how so many idiots can marry after only having dated a couple people, (for example, my brother wants to marry his current girlfriend, but she is the ONLY person he has ever dated in his entire life). Personally I would never settle for someone I don't truly relate with, and that kind of person would probably be extremely rare for me. ^ This is exactly why I can easily sympathise with people choosing to date their tulpas, I mean when are you ever going to meet someone you connect with as much as your tulpa, (unless of course you are as boring and generic as every random person you bump into on the street)?
  21. I didn't mean rushing as in rushing the actual creation length, I just meant as in rushing to start as soon as possible. This is all just based on assumption, so forgive me if I'm missjudging, I'm just trying to be helpful. Well as far as FAQ_man's guide goes I've never really heard anything good about it, and most people just say it's outdated and has incorrect hour counts, I have read it myself but didn't really retain anything from it that I haven't seen in other guides. The symbolism you seem to be avoiding is merely a tool used to help get rid of any uncertainty the creator may have that their actions are working by visualizing that they are actually pushing the traits into their tulpa, which reinforces the process in some peoples minds. It isn't required in any way it is just an aid for people who think they may need it. I would actually recommend not to follow a set guide and to only use them as guidelines, retaining creation methods you like from the many various guides available on this site. I will however recommend reading Methos's Tulpa Creation Guide, along with Fede's Ultimate Superior Tulpa Guide, I found them both to be helpful. Well if you've read two pages worth of guides then you probably have done enough research and I wouldn't worry about it too much. Some people make parroting seem like a bigger deal than it is and a controlled amount of parroting can be helpful in the early stages, though people used to avoid parroting like the plague for fear of creating a servitor. I personally believe the fear that it can happen is the main reason it does happen due to belief that it will if the creator isn't careful enough. Anyways, I hope this helps, and goodluck.
  22. You could try a focus exercise to help you visualize the image better, here's a basic one from Methos tulpa creation guide:
  23. I know this isn't what you were asking, but I feel like you really need to lurk more. The fact that you are using faq_man's guide tells me you probably haven't put enough effort into researching and reading the threads posted on this forum. I get that you want to have a Tulpa fast because it sounds awesome and exciting, but I can't help but see rushing into tulpaforcing as extremely childish, I mean you're going to be spending alot of time creating this Tulpa, so you want the end result of your time to be just right down to the last detail, correct? You are creating something that you are probably going to be spending the rest of your life with, all I'm saying is put a decent amount of effort into it. I'm sorry if I've been insulting, I just view it as my personal responsibility to put my best effort into making my tulpa. I mean, If you were the one being created you would want whoever was creating you to do as good of a job as possible, right?
  24. From what I could gather you seem to be troubled about the fact that you aren't seeing results after 10-12 hours, the rest of your post takes a more special mind than I could ever hope of possessing.. I would give you the benefit of the doubt on english being your main language, but your picture and the fact that your title is english makes me have second thoughts. All the same, I apologize if I'm incorrect. Anyway, back to the bit I could understand. Now I won't pretend to be some kind of tulpa master, but even I know not to get my hopes up and assume I'll be seeing results after such a short amount of time, the assumption alone can be bad if you are expecting too much. To me it sounds like your problem is a mixture of doubt and a lack of patience, something you direly need to create a tulpa. You have to believe that what you are doing is working, and you have to believe that you are making progress even if you aren't, in the end it's your belief that will give birth to your tulpa, in time. This isn't some simple thing you are trying to accomplish here, you are fooling your brain to see something that you know isn't real. You are training a part of your body, your mind. It is the same as training any other part of your body. Do you think the bodybuilder see's results after 10-12 hours of training? No. But he does not let that stop him. Dedication my friend, and belief in yourself, that's all it takes.