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  1. So, uh. Sorry for bumping this thread again, I guess... I just didn't wanna make a new one. Anyways, I've spent like at least over 3 hours trying to make a wonderland since I last posted here... I've had zero results. I've been trying to make the simplest thing possible, but I literally have been unable to see a single thing. Really discouraged here, should I just give up on the wonderland at this point?
  2. Alright guys, thanks for all the answers so far! I have one more question for now, however. The last few times I've forced, I've been trying to make a wonderland. I've pretty much failed miserably every time... I just can't envision anything even though I can easily imagine something that would work for my wonderland. Should I just forget about making one for now until I've gotten better at visualization?
  3. I have one more question. When I'm working on personality, how can I know for sure if I've forced a trait enough that it'll stick? I've basically just been doing the method where you tell them the trait and such while you force. (i.e., "You are x, blah blah blah.)
  4. I've actually been talking to her as much as possible. I think I might have gotten a slight emotional response once... Not sure. Do I have to talk out loud though? Because I've basically just been using mind-speak with her.
  5. Heya everyone! About five days ago I started trying to create a Tulpa. I've read up on about all the guides I can find and everything.... However, I don't think I've seen any progress. Basically, I haven't been able to visualize a single thing. Haven't even been able to make a wonderland. I've tried as many different things I can think of to help, but I always come up short. I've even tried listening to "binaural beats" while forcing. Still no visible results. The one thing I feel like I HAVE been working with to an extent is using whatever method it is in that guide by Fede. I've been picturing my tulpa with me at all times. I feel like she's actually there, even though I can't actually see her. Ever since I started doing that, I've had a consistent headache. Pretty much non-stop. Is this good? Should I try to keep this up? Anyhoo. Anyone have any advice about what I should do? I know everyone says to not doubt anything or it won't work. But I'm really discouraged now... Thanks!