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  1. Ok I fixed it. Surprised some people still have problems with doubt and stuff. I thought all ponies were perfect.
  2. Stop indulging in your male power fantasies Averian.
  3. Upvote: Averian Downvote: Linkzelda - makes everything appear like it can be solved with hypnosis and good will, thats not how tulpas work. Zero - what the hell is he even doing in this voting thing? he's the one who gave the idea and is obviously trying to get some sort of control over this community. Shui - too new, new people should never be trusted with important stuff. Envolucris - just who the hell is this guy? same reason as Shui. Sands - someone who made his own club and his own forum should go take care of it instead of trying to get a seat here. Norkkom - he doesnt even post in here. Really? you're gonna vote on someone who doesnt even POST in here? Schlondark- he's not funny. Thunderclap - doesnt have progress for a YEAR and he had to smoke weed to get something. Do you really want some drug dude to tell kids to smoke weed? I guess not. CyberD - also too new, who even is this guy? Skyewint - too new, and he's an irc mod so what the hell are you thinking? Ashmo - another newfriend? are we really that desperate? Dr. Faust - not a real doctor and he's also kind of a butt. Dialogues - he wouldnt give a damn and also he is crazy and hasn't contributed with anything. stop being nostalgia-friends. CreativeMind - just who are these people? too new. Phi - DOES HE EVEN COME AROUND HERE? Mayormorgan - buttbuddies with sands and trolls .info GGMethos - ponyfriend. that should be reason enough.
  4. Lemon has been around everyday but i greatly doubt he would want to be part of the group, same for dialogues.
  5. Shoot them in the face, and if it doesnt work you shoot them in the face again.
  6. He probably got tired of dealing with the community and being bankrupt doesnt help much either
  7. You should seek psychological help.
  8. I would appreciate if you drew the person depicted in this album (WARNING, IT HAS LEWD IMAGES) (WARNING, IT HAS LEWD IMAGES) pointing to the viewer and saying "fapping is bad for you!". Thanks in advance
  9. she's dead, and you're not mourning for her. are you some sort of rooster?
  10. >Not gone just yet, fellas. The doctors were estimating around late summer, but the progression is going faster now. At this point, I won't see May. >At this point, I won't see May. ;________________________________________________________;
  11. I never got said PM saying how long i was banned from dot info, but its not like i give a fuck. Maybe you should start actually training mods. Also, I wonder who is the new mod supervisor since Tesseract, someone who never wanted to be a mod. left forever.
  12. What sort of "feel good" are we talking about?
  13. God, my face is melting. You think some fagface would learn anything in Tibet? Even if he did go there, tulpa stuff is a dead practice and it wasn't something every goddamn monk knew about (or so i heard), so he wouldn't know shit about anything. To answer your questions: 1. No 2. This is piss retarded. 3. If you think that will work for you.