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  1. Namecheap just sent me an email saying tulpæ.info will expire in 30 days. It's $15 each for tulpæ.info and, and I don't want to keep paying that. For archival, I made two zip archives; is only what you need to see the site locally, whereas includes everything in -min as well as all the source files, just in case you want to hear me say platöpuscanxi in uncompressed FLAC. There is still a message hidden in how-bear-would-have-it.html I don't even remember what it says at this point.
  2. They were like, 10 whole minutes apart! I assumed someone would've posted inbetween. I must commit sudoku for this horrendous breach of conduct
  3. Have you tried mogrifying the desambogulizer? I mean, have you seen the klingons in Discovery? We're supposed to believe they went from that, to TOS klingons, to TNG klingons?
  4. I subject your subjectivity to subject subjectiveness
  5. Gonna disagree with you there
  6. I mean, I wouldn't expect any less.
  7. oh my goodness, I'm gone for hours to sleep and such and I've already missed like ten pages
  8. Y'all should just watch star trek. Everything except the modern ones, star trek Picard and Discovery. Mockeries of star trek
  9. At the rate this is going, 5 pages won't even be a day, I've stayed through two pages already!
  10. thanks based on past trends I'll be gone tomorrow but we'll see