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  1. Oh? What are we competeing on? You goin for #1 on the scoreboard? ❤️ I'm sure those recordings are still somewhere... *tulpaudcast
  2. Fixed. uh what? I can't change your pfps.
  3. Indeed, I always could have added the counter for number of posts. I mostly added it to show the stark difference between Brassow insane luck and Breloomancer's amazing persistance (you're still on track for #1 by new years!). It was never meant to be a measure for winning (wasn't that another thread?) but I'm not your parent, do what you want. If you wanted I could count number of posts not including double posts. Also if you want me to see a particular message make sure to quote one of my messages and/or use @jean-luc.
  5. I knew there was something off about Lumi
  6. While technically true, I doubt my extremely infrequent posts in the present have any significant effect in that regard.
  7. What an insightful message. You're well on your way to number 1 by new years!
  8. What? Honestly not sure what this was replying to xD That sucks. I wish there was a way to make a keyboard "lock" open. Yes but it'd require a bit more coding and stuff. Also I wouldn't to encourage any more spam than I already have...
  9. They actually taste pretty good
  10. you wouldn't need a server to grab the stats. For awhile I didn't use a server, I'd run a script on my laptop and post the results on this thread.
  11. I wish someone else would make stats to double-check my math. I have no reason to think it's wrong other than, well, I know I make mistakes sometimes, but it'd still be nice to know I'm not accidentally deceiving anyone? Also what would ya'll think about a manual system leaderboard? I'd have to manually add every system but that shouldn't be too crazy. Anyone inactive wouldn't get grouped unless I noticed them (too many posts in this thread to keep track of xD pls quote or @-mention me if you have thoughts)
  12. Not sure what timeframe you're using. I had a look, every month Jan - Apr this year you gained just about 9 days of lpness per month. May you got 12 days of lpness, June you got 14 days, and July you got nearly 17 days (more than half of the max you could possibly get!) If you go back down to 9 days of lpness per month, you'll surpass me in just under 8 months (assuming I shut up) However, if trends continue up just a little bit more and you can get 18 days of lpness per month, you could easily surpass me before the year ends. Godspeed!