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  2. I knew there was something off about Lumi
  3. While technically true, I doubt my extremely infrequent posts in the present have any significant effect in that regard.
  4. What an insightful message. You're well on your way to number 1 by new years!
  5. What? Honestly not sure what this was replying to xD That sucks. I wish there was a way to make a keyboard "lock" open. Yes but it'd require a bit more coding and stuff. Also I wouldn't to encourage any more spam than I already have...
  6. They actually taste pretty good
  7. you wouldn't need a server to grab the stats. For awhile I didn't use a server, I'd run a script on my laptop and post the results on this thread.
  8. I wish someone else would make stats to double-check my math. I have no reason to think it's wrong other than, well, I know I make mistakes sometimes, but it'd still be nice to know I'm not accidentally deceiving anyone? Also what would ya'll think about a manual system leaderboard? I'd have to manually add every system but that shouldn't be too crazy. Anyone inactive wouldn't get grouped unless I noticed them (too many posts in this thread to keep track of xD pls quote or @-mention me if you have thoughts)
  9. Not sure what timeframe you're using. I had a look, every month Jan - Apr this year you gained just about 9 days of lpness per month. May you got 12 days of lpness, June you got 14 days, and July you got nearly 17 days (more than half of the max you could possibly get!) If you go back down to 9 days of lpness per month, you'll surpass me in just under 8 months (assuming I shut up) However, if trends continue up just a little bit more and you can get 18 days of lpness per month, you could easily surpass me before the year ends. Godspeed!
  10. You're currently at #9, with 327 people below you. For you to become last, each and every one would have to pass you in last-postingness. Not only are most of those people now inactive and for all we know one of them might be dead, but the overwhelming majority might as well have 0 compared to your 7w 4d, which means it would take at absolute minimum (7w 4d) * 327 ppl = ~48 years for you to become last *if* you stopped posting immediately and there was a massive successful movement to contact everybody on that list and have them comment in a coordinated fasion over the next 48 years while absolutely no one else comments. It would be quite a feat.
  11. Here, I'll anger you some more with luck: Ska'ale made a single post in this entire thread (number 5 in the top posts) and is number 15 on the leaderboards for it. Rævn has made 10 posts, but all of their time also came from a single post (#3) putting them at #14 on the leaderboards. Any other stats you want xD
  12. You also have the most posts by a *wide* margin at 16,905 😮 Second is Bear at 5,977 and Third is Srn347 at 4,606 But, getting a "lucky post" was kind of the point of the thread, if anything was the point. Post enough that when posting stops, you're the last one.
  13. dw, you're making steady progress. You'll dethrone me and him one day.
  14. To get the stats, the bot has to visit every single page. It was simply the count of how many pages had been visited so far.
  15. At least in the all time rankings, Brassow has posts in the #1, #2, and #4 spots on that list. Here is that list: 142 days 21 hours 78 days 18 hours 29 days 28 days 26 days 12 hours 21 days 15 hours 18 days 18 hours 17 days 1 hour 15 days 4 hours Those posts were all in 2014/2015. For anything past post #10k, Felicity has one post way ahead anyone else: 5 days 7 hours Number 2 only has 13 hours
  16. I can't believe no one posted this, I'm clearly not the first one to think, "hey what if you could change the rules of the game within the game":
  17. I made a very similar promise when I started. I couldn't agree more; Are you me? 6030/7356 Edit: Wow such mysterious counter har har remind me never to do something so stupid ever again anyways stats are back
  18. I suspect there's something, probably genetic, that makes people's brains more or less conducive to tulpas. There are (or were, it's been awhile) a lot of people who come to this site, get excited and post a bunch about their progress and a zillion questions and read all the guides, and then disappear. The turnover I saw years ago was pretty crazy. I suspect those people got a lot less then they were expecting from tulpas, and eventually just stopped practicing. I have three friends I know IRL who went through the same process, persisting for different amounts of time. Two of them try not to mention it, and definitely dissapated their tulpas. The third barely mentions their tulpa, although I think they're still around sortof. I myself was not very successful. I'm not sure whether it's just a factor of the amount of time I was spending. It seemed to be a spiral for me, I wasn't motivated because I wasn't making progress, I wasn't making progress because I wasn't dedicating enough time and attention, I wasn't dedicating enough time and attention because I wasn't motivated. I don't know why I keep coming back to these forums. So while that all probably sounds terrible and demoralizing, the point I'm trying to make is that tulpas are not as easy as the guides may seem, and try to account for heavy survivorship bias when you read reports on this site. Unrelated edit: 2850/7359
  19. It's broken/doesn't exist at the moment, but at one point I had a program that would automatically scrape this thread and make a leaderboard for each person's "lastpostingness", the amount of time any of their posts had been the last post. Even if you only get two minutes per post on average (and from what I've seen it's plenty more than that) that's still something.
  20. Y'all post too much. I'm probably not even on the leaderboard.
  21. you're about 4 years too late for that
  22. Good, you're doing it correctly, Do that like 1000 times over (hover and re-grab) and eventually you'll be riding with no hands.
  23. Don't worry, it can. Also, 4 hours ago and no other new posts?? The forums bugged or smth?