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  1. Is that a statement? Did you lose??
  2. Toothpaste is a combination of many different liquids and solids. I'm pretty sure it's a suspension, like jello or yogurt.
  3. Oh man, I should know this. I know it's definitely the prequel trilogy, and I have the scene in my head, but I've no idea which movie it actually is. Probably the first one? A) Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace "Skunk-butt rug" A) Zootopia B) Rock 'n' Roll High School C) School of Rock D) Ice Age E) Ratatouille
  4. Yeah actually I'm not so sure on the sticks. Boats I'm pretty confident about.
  5. What? No, this stems from the basic rules of bouyancy which don't care about surface tension. A stick floats one way but not the other for the same reason boats float one way but not the other.
  6. 3) I view 100 posts per page, the only correct option.
  7. jean-luc

    System Bear Art

    But how many do you have, right now?
  8. Wait what? Has Joy been telling me to do things?
  9. Eyy, y'all can double-post now. Inline comments shouldn't be necessary; You can use them if you want but probably better to make two posts, a game post and comment post. "pray you are right or else you will have breken this rule." oooh, somebody should call out the next poster (err, rule-creator?) as like cinemaphobe or something, then "pray" in your post and claim you followed the rule :D
  10. Banned for assuming merginity.
  11. I think I created a game that, at it's core, no one wants to play except me. You're rewarded exponentially the more rules you can correctly "juggle". I wanted there to be 30 inter-related rules that all reference and conflict with eachother with confusing terminology and then three petitions going on with people arguing about how the tangled web of rules all works together in their favor. It can't be played by quickly reading the new posts and writing a new post in 30 seconds from your phone. You have to sit down, carefully read what's there, and make sure you follow every rule correctly. You have to craft your new rule(s) such that it takes a while for someone else to post, but not too long.
  12. Some people are concerned about the difficulty of keeping track of rules (which I understand given some get annulled and such) so I'll try to keep an up-to-date list of current rules, with comments and "GAME" removed: Yep.
  13. So what's the verdict, can I allow people to start double-posting in JJJJJ?
  14. What? The first round only had 11 rules, and so except for after that last rule it never had more then 10 rules, you never posted then. There's already something baked in which is the rules reset. If no one wants to play because there's 15 rules in play, then the rules reset. Right now there's only 1 rule, why don't you play right now?
  15. So I posted this in JJJJJ but I wanted to know what y'all thought, even people who probably aren't reading the thread. Maybe I could make a small programming thing? But it's really hard to convey what I can and can't do, and even harder to convey what takes minutes and what takes 5 years and a research team (although that particular example is no longer true! Machine learning has progressed leaps and bounds, and there are examples out there of sites that do a decent job of recognizing whether a photo is of a bird, specifically because of that comic. However in general it still applies)
  16. I will rip out the heart of this game and attach it to life support if I have to. I invoke constitution rules RULER and RIGHT, and hereby declare that actually, the game RESET just before IceCreeper's post and therefor there were no rules to break. What kind of incentives (short of just sending money via paypal or something) could I offer you, people of I might be willing to do something for a "winner" (maybe something like whoever has to most money in a month) but I'm not sure what. And for anyone who wants to comment but doesn't want to read the rules or accidentally play/break the rules: Go ahead! As long as your post doesn't start with "GAME", it's a comment post and it's fine.
  17. I understand up to "ehdt". After that, is it "pure decisions"? edit: Oh I get it! "Poor decisions", right?
  18. I'm interested. I even have references.
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    Ashley's Lounge

    All the pictures are broken unless I click on them.
  20. "Knevere" is probably the strangest word that I was still able to read.