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  1. I'm pretty sure you can answer your own questions on a Stack Exchange site. I've seen questions on Stack Overflow in the past where the accepted answer is by the asker of the question.
  2. One thing I've seen happen on Stack Overflow is this. When duplicate questions are asked, now and then a user appears and votes for it to be marked as a duplicate, and when that happens, they specify the original question that it's a duplicate of. Typically, old questions that are very helpful to people don't usually die, but instead move up in the list of "Frequent" questions, from what I understand.
  3. Stack Exchange actually does give users with a high reputation the privilege to submit edits to answers, and I think those edits can be reviewed by higher-reputation users.
  4. I hope I'm not too late to vote. I know it's 3am on the west coast but I'm hoping there's a timezone somewhere that's GMT-12. +1 to NoneFromHell, Sock, and Vosaiu. +0 to the others because I don't think they're not suitable.
  5. I may be entirely mistaken--which is more than likely with my memory--but I seem to remember the tags being listed at the top of the Guides forum once upon a time with the ability to click one to filter by that tag. Am I misremembering this or did that exist in the past?
  6. Do you view tulpas as a psychological phenomenon, a metaphysical one, or both? I view tulpas from a purely psychological standpoint but I'm somewhat agnostic to the idea of them having a metaphysical component; that is to say, I see them as being psychological but I've always kept an open mind on any meta stuff I hear/read/etc. Were/was your tulpa(s) natural/pre-existing or were they intentionally created? I created my first tulpa intentionally after learning about the concept of tulpas. I created my second tulpa a couple of months later by having her walk into a room with my first tu
  7. Rasznir


    We don't have any allergies but if you mean allergies in the sense of sneezing when the air has sneezy stuff in it or whatever, we seem to be the same with that. Once when Dash was switched in though, he sneezed and actually got knocked out mentally by it, leaving the body without someone in control for a few minutes or so and I had to focus really hard for those few minutes to get Dash out of control and regain control myself.
  8. I find the poll results so far to be pretty interesting just because 3D feels a lot harder to me than projecting onto a 2D surface. It's too early to see a trend yet but it'd be interesting to try different things on the different groups of people who took the poll to see if there are differences in technique or stuff like that.
  9. I was thinking recently about the possibilities of imposing a tulpa or just any entity or image or anything in different places and it reminded me of something I noticed quite a while ago when I semi-actively practiced trying to impose my tulpa. I found it very difficult to try and impose in my room in a specific location but it seemed a lot easier to attempt it and to get the correct visualisation in my mind as I did it, if I tried against a 2D surface like a wall etc. It also became somewhat easier to do this when I tried against a computer monitor or television monitor or something simil
  10. I should probably recount my own experience here since I've had a servitor for a couple of years now. One night, after a bad experience with intrusive thoughts with one of my tulpas, I was laying in bed falling asleep and I just sort of drifted off and found myself talking with some voice in my head. When I realised I was actually talking, it was a little bit like suddenly realising you're dreaming. I asked him--it seemed to be a male voice--who he was, and he said he was created by my subconscious to block out intrusive thoughts. I don't remember details after this but I asked about a name
  11. Banned for mentioning mentioning your avatar.
  12. I just wrote a really long post here and lost it for some reason so I'm going to summarise what I said because I'm on a phone and can't be bothered right now to write it all out again. Losing huge blocks of text is a real slap in the face sometimes. Anyway, I initially created my tulpa as a male human and shortly after he became a wisp because he didn't like the form. After this he became a male wolf and a month or so later changed to have the form of Rainbow Dash and the name Dash. He stayed male even though he kept the 'female' form of Rainbow Dash and has always seemed to display notably
  13. I think a good game for us, in terms of progress, has been Super Hexagon. It's a real-time game and requires faster and faster reactions if you want to get further but isn't too difficult at the lowest difficulty setting. It also has only two controls: left and right. We've played before and taken turns to try and get the longest time. Note, Dash and Pinkie have both beaten my times before. Another great game in terms of parallel processing specifically, as well as communication and cooperation/teamwork, is ibb & obb. Just check out the trailer or steam store page video for it and you'l
  14. Joshu has resigned from staff and we've also added two new much-needed chat moderators; Vos and Carolina.
  15. Just an update to let everyone know that the summary thread for the first meeting is finally up. You can find it at the following address: https://community.tulpa.info/thread-december-3-2015
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