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  1. Hmm, I see. I'll give this a try. Thank you for the advice.
  2. Hello. Posting because I have a slight worry involving possible intrusive thoughts that have been with me for quite a few months now. First, some background. I've been forcing for quite a while, altogether a year and four or five months. I can't recall when it started but about..Four to six months ago possibly longer I noticed some bad intrusive thoughts I was getting. Details below. 1. I used to smoke a lot of weed, daily. I believe at first (not completely sure) I ONLY heard these thoughts shortly after smoking. Even though I no longer smoke, I still get these thoughts. 2. 95% of the time, because I currently can't recall this happening otherwise..I ONLY hear the voices when communicating with my tuppers, as in they speak over us, or when listening for my tupper's voice. They can respond first and I can sort of recognize it because... 3. They are always negative (Namecalling, Doubt related). Examples would be "Stop talking to yourself!!" when trying to talk to my tulpa or "You are a retard." Things like that. It's interesting to note that back when I WAS smoking a popular one would be "STOP SMOKING!". But I don't get that anymore. Yeah. 4. They do not respond. I can ask who or what is talking to me, but they don't speak up after that. The thing is they are consistent with the above. They say the same thing. Not over and over in one moment, but whenever I happen to hear it, it's always the "Stop talking to yourself" "You're an idiot" etc, etc. So...Thoughts? [Edit..] Forgot to add that the voices are all mindvoice. Nothing with my actual ears. Also they can be pretty clear sounding. Sometimes more than my tupper's voice. But that's rare.
  3. So I just got to my Aunt's new place yesterday, visiting for a few days in Atlanta. She's been saying I should move there and check out schools and all that. Me: "I wouldn't mind living here, she has a nice place. Though I wouldn't want to impose. Like going to school they might want to drop me off and stuff. My car is done for. I'd rather take a bus. Or walk. Just show me where to go and how to get there. I'll go myself." Mitsuru: "Walking? You aren't a commoner." Me: "Mitsuru I AM a commoner." (Basically saying I'm not rich.) Mitsuru: "Well I'm not." Yukari: "Does Mitsuru have money problems?" Me: "No she's just...entitled." Mitsuru: "Entitled to being rich."
  4. Me: Hey Mitsuru let's eat some cake! Mitsuru: You had lots of cake with Amber earlier. Me: So? Mitsuru: Do you have a cake fetish?