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  1. I have a storyline going for a comic and no one in it has jumped out to surprise me. Neither would I ever want or expect them to. That's its own self-contained sci-fi universe that I flesh out little by little, and I don't consider myself to have any bond with the characters in it that would develop into a tulpa relationship. However, the other way around- tulpaforcing influencing writing -that's everything I hoped it would be. I don't come up with good ideas for long-term projects often, but lately I've felt a very tangible boost in creativity that got another worthy storyline kickstarted. I'm so glad I got involved in this.
  2. I've fought my tulpa a few times, but the absolute most fun we've had was when we used Avatar-style elemental powers. The base element I associate with the most is wind, and he likes to use fire, but sometimes we switch it up. We'll also add weapons too. The fights typically end with someone being incapacitated somehow. Iss good fun.
  3. I made the name 'Uzo' just by twisting words and letters around until something felt and sounded right while not being a common name. Once I settled on it, nothing else felt appropriate. I might have been subconsciously drawing from the brand name of an alcohol called Ouzo, but I can say for sure that it wasn't intentional. I'll chalk this one up as 'other'.
  4. I've been getting closer and closer to imposition on my own, and when I get there I want to make a guide on it. It'll just take time. Until then, don't think I should be giving out advice that I haven't even seen to completion, even if I feel it's working.
  5. Have you guys even tried acid? It's not addicting and won't conjure any constant hallucinations. It really just distorts shapes and colors and makes you want to love everyone in the entire world... as long as you're having a good trip. Maybe it will give you a shorter attention span, but I'm not so sure about that one. I really wish I knew about tulpas before I took my trip, because forcing would have been really interesting. Go for it, just research what you're getting into whenever you try a new drug.
  6. I'd like to draw the line firmly between "take everything with a heap of salt" and "don't be a douchebag". The point is to pick apart the idea someone presents, not the person who said it.
  7. Browsing through humanoid animatronics gets pretty damn creepy sometimes every time... but I did find a pretty good one on facial expressions for you. Just, tolerate the Stephen Hawking-grade artificial voice I guess. [video=youtube]
  8. Real skepticism doesn't equate to disbelieving that something is possible; it's about being cautious until proven otherwise. I wasn't around then, but if people were accusing Cyclone of roleplaying, then it didn't even stop them from trying his method. When they did and as whole, found that it worked, then possession became more accepted. Granted, they shouldn't have been accusing him of anything if they were in fact being hostile, and I think that's what most people in this thread seem to be saying. Impartiality is what scientific analysis is founded on, and there's nothing wrong with it. Like LucidAcid said: if, on this site, we really want to pride ourselves on being a scientific community, we have to be skeptical. Because all scientists are skeptics just by profession, and that can certainly be done without attacking anyone.
  9. I doubt that roleplaying doesn't have a place in making a tulpa, since just about everyone starts out making a personality chart and envisioning what their tulpa would do in situation x and y. That's roleplaying, and it helps. It's just conjecture on my part, but I think what people may be getting hung up in is the transition from that 'pretend play' where they envision how their tulpa would act to seeing real sentient responses that they haven't made for themselves. I bet some people are going on without even knowing they're still in the roleplaying phase. But if they're putting honest effort into the process, labeling them as a roleplayer is only going to hurt the progress they believe is happening. I think after awhile, accidental roleplaying is just something to grow out of. So if the case is instead something really outlandish, like what possession or beneficial parroting used to be, I think the person's history on the site will speak for themselves best. For example, maybe a new user really has been able to completely trade places with his tulpa... maybe, but I can't take that at face value. There has been more than one account that turned out to be complete trolling bs (give this thread a good read for some prime context), and people who are only out to ridicule us shouldn't be given praise. Every legitimate user deserves better than that. Their stupid accounts and ourselves buying into them makes all of us look bad. Honestly, the solution is just to use your heads. Ask probing questions on crazy accounts, check what else the user has posted that may be believable, and when all of that's done and their story still doesn't check out, just drop it. If you've done your research, I would even encourage skeptics to politely ask about what doesn't make sense. Part of making a tulpa is about settling on a consistent character, and I just see a response like that as constructive criticism. If I was an honest 'roleplayer', I'd welcome it.
  10. A lot of people say they never needed to worry about where to position their eyes because they move them like that naturally, but you should just try whatever feels comfortable. I'm not making hard and fast rules here, just suggestions.
  11. I got engrossed enough in a game lately that I just shut out everything else for the two hours at a time that I was going at it. That included any acknowledgement of the tupper. It's a bit like attention starvation for him since there was no way to catch my attention at all with the amount of focus I had. Afterwards, I felt like I couldn't sense him as easily, and he was a bit pissy besides. Other games that keep me from playing as obsessively may be better.
  12. I don't want to say that imposition would be impossible for a tulpa that changes form constantly, but I guess that it would be more difficult if you didn't practice on one constant form starting out. Say you spent a week concentrating on the three-dimensional composition of one body only for her to scrap it and change to a different one soon after. You would be starting the whole process of building the body's shape and structure all over again, which is necessarily more difficult than it needs to be. Wrapping the mind around one imagined body is daunting enough, but shifting your concentration from one to another every few weeks sounds like too much mental exertion for me to have the patience for.
  13. I wasn't able to go a full two hours even though I planned for it; the discomfort of remaining so still gets me every time. I went 45 minutes, and with more practice I could probably go longer. Anyway, we started in our usual beach house area, setting to go inland on a few ATV's. We drove along some wide dirt trails that weaved through rainforest and tall deciduous of some kind, with a lot of dips and curves around the hilly terrain. The woods opened up to a lake in a crater at the base of a snow-capped mountain range- it's one that we had done some water sports in before. I wanted to go to the top of the mountain to see what was further out before going to it. This is where we entered territory that I had seen from a distance before, but was still unfamiliar in detail. We beared left along some open grassland mixed with protruding rocks, which struck me as a bit barren; I think my imagination just wasn't active enough to conjure much fine detail on the spot. Up a head, we rode up a hill and between two sheer rock faces at its crest, then rode down into a canyon straight from Shadow of the Colossus. A trail veered alongside the slope of the mountain to our left, and it was on here that I started to let my imagination go a little bit more wild than normal. We entered a pine forest shortly up the slope, which started to grow over the trail fast as we sped by. We broke out of the forest just before it seemed to close up. The path swerved along hairpin turns as it mounted the first small peak, and it was here that the range of mountains came into full view. The landscape was almost all rock that glimmered yellow as if it was being lit by an early sunset, even though the sky was still bright blue. Straight ahead was a long bridge that spanned the gap between two distant peaks, which then turned abruptly right along a path that ran under several rock overhangs and tunnels. It angled into the mountain, coming out the other side soon before arching across another sheer valley. A few more twisting lengths and we were at the highest peak reachable by the trail. From it, I could see the beach far in the distance with its small island just off the coast, and ahead of us was an area that was indistinct from a purple-grey fog that covered everything beneath us. I was told that I'd have to physically go into it to see what was there. We took another path that split from the one we traveled, which took us around another pine forest. The road lead all too quickly to a rock wall. Past here was the portion of land that was completely uncharted. The only way through was some caves that we had to traverse by foot. We turned on some headlamps and went in. There were a few tight gaps and some gravelly slopes, but soon after, we found some open areas including a tunnel with huge crystalline shards sticking out of every surface. At the end was an enormous face of rock with a path leading around it. On the other side was a steep drop into a chasm, but the path lead along the edge, through a small tunnel, and into a space big enough to hold the downtown district of a large city. But instead of skyscrapers were a collection of small houses and a wooden basket attached by rope and pulley to a rift in the ceiling. We went up and emerged in daylight. Things at this point got a little... weird. We were surrounded by people circling us, but they pulled back into the shapes of dark trees. I heard some ominous low tones as the light faded and darkened all of our surroundings. Up ahead were some remnants of buildings that we approached, which turned a bit like Silent Hill on us for a few moments. We went in one which had a hallway that stretched into darkness. A break to the right lead over a rusted and overgrown bridge that still had red paint flaking off of it. We turned down that way to find ourselves on one of the upper floors of a more normal-looking abandoned factory of some sort. There were active guard patrols up ahead, which got me in the mindset of a shooter video game along the lines of the Uncharted series. But it was around here that my body got uncomfortable and fidgety, so I backed out but left a "continuation" marker that I can hopefully come back to sometime.
  14. Host does have the parasitic connotation in some respect, but I think about it along the lines of being a host for a guest. That meaning gives the idea of both of you being equals, and the host in particular being very welcoming. Every other terms is bogged down by what feels like a bunch of lofty or magical garbage.