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  1. I guess I could do this too. When's next episode?
  2. I don't think that this is a really viable reason to make a Tulpa. For one I have doubts that this will do anything that couldn't be accomplished without a Tulpa. Why's it necessary to complicate the matter of bettering yourself by throwing in a sentient being? Why can't you just work on making yourself a better person? Its much simpler just to use your mind as it is to fix your flaws. And secondly I doubt the Tulpa would like being made for the purpose of absorption.
  3. If they truly do get out of control. You may want a counter-weight tulpa so to speak. Like make a really sane tulpa to balance it out, or better yet, make that one really powerful ,and merge them together.
  4. Could you make a tulpa that was very similar ? Yes. Could you actually take her? No.
  5. Just a little rule of thumb I have, it doesn't always apply. Hell I broke my own rule when I made a tulpa. I made Sonya because the idea was neat. Now she's sort of Muse or a moral compass. However had that been the plan, I think we'd be a lot better.
  6. Putting a group of individuals in one group is bad. However, I also think that logical inferences can be made. Teens, generally, still have development that needs to be done, as the brain is still growing and developing until 24. I generally recommend that people don't create tulpas unless there is clear reason to believe that it is in their best interest, and I can't help but feel that generally teens who get into tulpamanceing wouldn't be doing it to actually improve themselves, rather they'd do it 'cuz its kool. Also in my experience, teens who say that they are mature for their age, ge
  7. I'm the the process of writing a political philosophy called Anarcho-Tulpaism. We're going to use agorism to accomplish this :D
  8. Everything I've experienced, and everything my acquaintances have experienced, contradicts that. Menzy was in stasis for an entire year, and its nothing more than symbolism. When he came out he needed extra forcing to bring him to sentience.
  9. Thing is, One thing is absolutely certain about this. If you want to remain moral, you're going to want, for the most part, to omit the possibility of dissipation. Therefore if you want to be moral, you better be damn well sure about what you're doing. Most of us live in societies where Really in my mind you need to weigh how much a Tulpa will really benefit you against all the possible negatives. Hush has a point where he says that this is probably a real shitty thing to keep from a partner, and lets be honest I doubt many people will accept tulpas. > mfw when no Libertarian Tran
  10. Alright, I'm gonna try to give some constructive criticism here. For a presentation, this is far too wordy. The presenter should give most of the information, not the presentation. Along with that, the wording of the statements is poor, for instance, you didn't define Sentience. Which is like "Oh shit how'd you miss that". You make it seem like these people are already thinking about making Tulpas, rather than them not even knowing what the fuck you're talking about. If my understanding of the assignment is correct, you are trying to educate, not recruit. What is the purpose of the P
  11. This depends entirely on what a Tulpa exactly is, something that's not fully understood. If they are what I think they are, splinters of the self, then whatever happens to the host should in turn happen to them.
  12. I hope so too. Because this question honestly seems like something that anyone who knows what their doing wouldn't even ask because the answer is so obvious. Seriously people shouldn't need to confirm everything they think about doing here.
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