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  1. I still have no idea what my tulpa's form will be. I plan to let it choose. I'm hoping for humanoid, though.
  2. Hey, again, I don't want to fuck this up, either. What do you guys think? Less traits?
  3. I'm interested in Method 1 as well. And while facebook might not be the absolute best means of spreading this information, the information does need to be spread, so I have nothing against it.
  4. Seeing as my plan is to create a fully-formed sentience before working on form or imposition, I have almost 70 traits, and I plan to spend at least 30-45 minutes on each one. Is this too much? EDIT: Not fully-formed, of course, since it can never be complete. Just enough that it has its own opinions and is speaking in full sentences.
  5. You make some very interesting points. I'm also very interested in companionship, and having someone to sing with or simply have the same interests I do. I'm also designing my tulpa to push me out of a comfort zone, experience what's out there. That urge is always in the back of my mind, but I feel like a tulpa would be capable of giving me the extra push, especially knowing that I have a partner to experience it with. Not to mention your last point - I'm glad I found this concept when I did, and I feel like it's about to explode.
  6. This is something I'd like to see discussed. What are your reasons for wanting to make a tulpa, or for having made one? In my case, I'm interested in stretching my mind to the limit, finding out if I really can do this. In addition, it would be nice to have someone to chat with and comment on my life. Just a very personal, different view on my issues and problems.
  7. Hey, so I've started a tumblr to log my progress, besides my notebook. If anyone cares, there's little more than my very simple preliminary plan there right now. http://fedora-freak.tumblr.com/
  8. I don't really wear them anymore, but I kept the hats and the handle. If I'm wearing a suit, then of course I'll take one out, though.
  9. Not homestuck! I've had this handle long before that. I do collect the hats.
  10. Yeah, I tried to contact you last night.
  11. Hey, guys. Only learned about tulpae a couple of days ago, but having slept on it, it still seems like a pretty good idea. I've done all the research, read all the guides, and I'm excited to start working on mine. I plan to do it semi-scientifically, keeping a record in a notebook, much like Pleeb.