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    My most active Tulpae:
    *Il Gatto - Assassin- Gender unknown-
    Usually seen wearing bluejeans and a white hoodie, sometimes a red scarf over his face to further hide his identity. He was infected by a demonic virus in the late 1300's and stopped aging at 15. He occasionally adds to the ongoing prank war, but always makes sure to make it look like someone else was responsible.
    *La Volpe - Assassin/Thief - Male
    Il Gatto's mentor, teacher, friend and father figure. He was infected with the same virus as Gatto at the same time and stopped aging at 73. He enjoys traveling and often does so to hunt down Templars.
    *Dante - Demon Hunter - Male (1/2 Demon)
    Based off the main character from Devil May Cry. He looks about 32 with naturally white hair and light blue eyes. He has a very laid back attitude and enjoys playing pranks on people. He's damn near addicted to pizza.
    *Nero -Demon Hunter - Male (1/4 Demon)
    Dante's nephew (character he's based off of appears in Devil May Cry 4) Looks like a younger version of his father/uncle (twins) with slightly darker blue eyes. He likes to pick on his uncle, the "Old Man" and pull pranks on him.. mostly with his food.. Mostly laid back attitude, bit of a smart ass and a little shy around the ladies. It's a good thing he's left-handed as he likes to hide his right arm that got stuck in it's demon form.
    *Kou - Assassin & part-time bouncer at the local bar - Male
    Based off the character Kou Leifou from The Bouncer. He's covered in a full-body, tribal tattoo (including his neck and forehead!) and doesn't look like someone you'd want your kids hanging around with. Dispite his looks, however, he's very kind and playful. Near shoulder length, dark brown hair and kind brown eyes. He's great with electronics and is referred to by his friends as a 'walking encyclapedia' (sp?) Any time there's a lull in action, he's sure to fix it by adding to Dante & Nero's prank war.

    Although I based most of them off of preexisting characters, they enjoy it! They like the way they look and the back stories (sometimes adding to them themselves)

    Kou has been a little upset lately sense the PS2 broke and he can no longer play his character on The Bouncer, but it's helped a LOT that he's discovered Minecraft.. Like my IRL nephew (6 years old), he's absolutely addicted to it along with Gatto. Unfortunately for Gatto, however, Kou is a major troll.

    I, myself am an artist. My only real friends are my family (Mom, Dad, big brother, sister-in-law [the only one who knows anything about my "imaginary friends"], and 2 nephews [3 & 6 years old])
  1. I'm so glad you posted. I've been wanting to use this <3 And back to ignoring comments! ~Kou Momma? Why are you even bothering with these assholes? -Dante (0_o) good question.. Fuck y'all. I'm going home.
  2. Mix it with Hydrocodone and some Jagermeister
  3. I WAS LOOPY ON MEDS and posting random shit everywhere! LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!! Oh, God. How I love thee caps-lock. For my throat feels like razor blades have turned it to a dance hall. I think I'm still a bit fucked up.. (@_@)
  4. What? You don't see my friends being dorks in there? lol jk. This was copy/pasted from my online journal that my Dr keeps up with. I just added a few notes about my first Tulpa and what ages my nephews are. This cold has me so screwed up, I couldn't concentrate long enough to do anything else. Oh, God! The coughing got so bad earlier.. One thing you never want to do: Throw up spaghetti. That felt so weird. Robitussin Long-acting Cough, Liquid Hydrocodone*.. and I'm still having to take cough drops. It's ridiculous! Momma caught it (likely) in Cozumel, then dad got it. Lucky bastard only had to suffer about 2 days.. I'm starting day 2.. Hopefully I'll get his luck and it'll go soon. Mom had it a full week. Thankfully my brother hasn't got it yet. He broke a rib Christmas Eve.. I swear he's the only person I know who can break a rib (it's happened a few times before) and not go to the doctor for pain meds. He just pops a Hydrocodone and keeps working like nothing even happened! I feel so bad for my nephews! They have this horrid thing too.. Momma asked Aedan (the older one) if he coughed up a lung. "What's a lung?" I pulled up some pics on google and asked him "Did something like this come out while you were coughing?" His eyes got big and he nodded his head 'yes' lol that boy is so funny! He was playing Angry Birds last weekend and I asked him why the birds were angry. He was so into his game, I guessed he didn't hear me. Later, he found (He LOVES Lindsey Stirling's work) and shouted, "That's why the birds are angry! The bad piggies took their violin music!" That and his stories of the cars turning into Transformers/Assassins and going off to fight Templars at night. That's why they get dirty so fast. *Hydrocodone note: My mom knows how to get the good shit from the doctors! lol 1: We have hereditary migraines and that's the only shit that will knock them out (sometimes) without some seriously fucked up side effects. and 2: She's a kidney transplant patient. A fter we moved from Houston to this small town, a nurse at the local hospital refused to refill one of moms' anti-rejection meds... A highly physically addictive medicine. If you ever stop taking that medication (forgot what it's called.. likely wouldn't be able to spell it anyway), you're supposed to taper off it, not just quit cold-turkey. She could die without that medicine if the withdraw symptoms don't do it first. So now the hospital is scared shitless of my mom. Afraid she may file a lawsuit against them. The only reason that dumb ass nurse is still working there is because the town's so small, it's hard to find anyone with a high enough degree for the position. AWW! I love how sweet and cuddly my babies are being <3 All the ones that can change into cute, fluffy critters are snuggled up with me on the couch.. Sesshomaru is even being sweet, giving me puppy cuddles <3 OMG! I did not mean to write that much. Sorry, I'm really loopy from the meds lol
  5. Just got hit with a cold. Last night was the first bad wave of it. As I was trying to go to sleep, I felt someone lay next to me.. It was Volpe. He asked a bit timidly if he could sleep with me (I have a tendency to get very moody when I'm sick) I told him that they're all welcome to come sleep with me anytime they want. There's no need to ask or be scared. I love them! Next thing I know, Kou and Nero dive into my bed followed by Dante and Gatto. They get all comfortable (Gatto and Volpe changed to their animal forms so they could squeeze in closer to me)... Then I needed a much bigger bed. All but a few of the most anti-social Tulpae had piled in to cuddle. I even saw Mewtwo there! I haven't seen him in about 8 or 9 years! Yes, my first Tulpae were Pokemon. Shut up. Y'all make ponies! Y'all have no room to talk on this one. *sticks tongue out childishly before coughing my head off again* That's the good news. Bad news: The house/dog sitter's grandson stole my tablet while we were on vacation. The kid's already gone back home to Mexico so there's no way in Hell to get it back. So I used what little money I had left after vacation to buy a new one.. I had to talk my parents into paying for half of it. It has yet to arrive and I'm dying to draw something on the computer!! GYA!! No! You bastards can't hear about or see my awesome family!!
  6. Complete boredom.. Everything is packed and ready to go, but we don't leave until tomorrow morning.. My hands hurt from letting Kou and Gatto try to possess me so they can play SoulCalibur V.. Gatto insisted on making 2 characters for himself; a male and female, although he only uses the fem. He likes the voice better and how small it is. Kou insisted on selecting one of the hardest fighting styles because 'it looks cool'.. He's only won 3 fights while Gatto's won over 60. After Kou gave up, Gatto kept playing and nearly had a winning streak of 50 (he was on 48 and hoping for a trophy) and got cocky, moved up a difficulty level.. Poor thing was slaughtered. The only round he won was due to a ring-out. Anyway, found some old pencil drawings from a few years ago.. Before anyone bitches, yes, there is a LOL cat pic I used for reference for the first one and a pic from a Japanese magazine for the second set. The set was created for a drawing tutorial.
  7. Not even going to bother reading posts by anyone else. If there's anything you want to actually talk to me about, pm me. May take longer than I originally thought to finish my latest drawing. Going on an 8 day Disney cruise with the family <3 Didn't realize it was so soon! Leaving Friday. Getting awesome results with possession using the method of letting them stay 'inside' my body while I do things. Stupid description, but I don't know how else to describe it while there's so much distracting noise.. (watching my nephews and Dad's bitching about every little thing.. So damn annoying) Gatto's been able to type, use the mouse and sort Legos for my nephew, Aedan while he builds. Going to try letting him play my violin sometime soon.. Not sure if I'll get to it today or even before the cruise.. but eventually. We were thinking that if Gatto could get the hang of the basics, he could practice while I'm busy with other things. Gatto wanted to say something:
  8. Sleeves from this + Hood & body from this + face (chosen for shadows and angle) from this = this (a cropped version of the pic I'm still working on) Almost finished with my latest pic (a piece of fan art of Mr. Tom Hiddleston <3 ) It should be ready in a week at most. aaaaaaand an old pic Gatto drew when he possessed me once a while ago.. I had a cold and dozed off next to my computer.. It's him giving Volpe a kiss
  9. Just had an amazing idea!.. now my damn PMS has settled down.. God, I hate that shit. Dearest Sands, Go fuck yourself. I will draw whatever I want however I want. If you don't like it, don't look at it.
  10. I'm trying to be nice here and keep my temper in check, however, GO FUCK YOURSELF Honestly! Every fucking post you write is nothing but rude, condescending bull shit. I don't give a flying fuck what you think, Sands. Yes, I do ask the people for permission before using their pictures for reference and vast majority of the time they say they don't want credit as long as I don't show the original picture. There is so much I'm not typing and you should be glad. You picked the wrong time to fuck with me. I'm PMSing like there's no fucking tomorrow. Be grateful I can't physically get to you. Be extremely grateful my babies can't get to you. Oh! I know what I'm going to draw now! *does the happy dance before searching for the appropriate reference pictures*
  11. Give me a few days to finish up my next piece. Record from start to finish just for you. The entire screen same as my first video. I usually cut out the initial sketch to cut down on video time as the first few Youtube refused to accept because they were too long. I also cut it out because I think it's boring. That particular picture I did, indeed use a reference image and changed the people to look like my boys. I do that often. Use reference images. To 'trace' something is to draw a picture directly on top of the original. To say that it's 'traced' when drawing from an image next to it is like saying Leonardo Da Vinci 'traced' his models. If that is your definition of tracing, well, all artists are guilty of it, then and there is no true 'art' in the world.
  12. That is amazingly similar.. However.. And yes, I do use pose references from time to time as well as lighting references. ALL ARTISTS DO. Want to see my Photoshop setup? My first attempt at photo realism on the computer. Enjoy.
  13. =(0_o)= sounds like fun if I weren't so busy.. Maybe I'll do that once things settle down a bit.. Also, what self-respecting artist traces?
  14. Decided to take a break from working with Gatto on imposition a few minutes ago when he popped up beside me in a form he created after we played Prototype.. Scared the living crap out of me! I could barely see through him for a good second before he ran off back to our Wonderland laughing at me. The form's about 7.5 feet tall.. Old pic that I'm fixing right now.