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  1. I have similiar problem, except pretty much all my thought processes are like that. It's almost never internal monologue, but a conversation where the "other" side plays devil's advocate. Still have to find a way to deal with this.
  2. I see, I like that approach. Listening closely for responses does indeed feel like I'm deceiving myself, and just makes me doubt more than needed, as if that wasn't problem enough already. That way seems more grounded, will follow.
  3. Thanks guys, it really cleared things up. Now, I may be getting a little bit ahead of myself, but still have to ask - when listening for responses, should I focus more on the presence in real life or in my mind? Or is it something I shouldn't worry about and I "will know" when it happens?
  4. Alright, I'm about 5 weeks in in the tulpa creation process. I'm somewhat sure she's sentient now - at least I hope so, or I'm talking to myself. However, that's not the point. I found maintaining focus during forcing sessions to be very hard lately; however, I can sense her presence nearly at all times in real life. It used to be other way around. Is it anything to be worried about, does it mean anything? Or should I just go with it? All answers appreciated.
  5. A question on auditory hallucination - does it just happen when the time comes, or do you have to focus on imagining tulpa's voice over all the real sounds?
  6. Gotta say, this thread really makes me want to keep on working, despite all my doubt attacks ever once in a while, I appreciate that. So, thanks!
  7. Somewhat related I recon: how do your tulpas react to you interacting with other people? Do they comment on other people's appearance, try to make their own points during a conversation etc.?
  8. Well, I took some speed reading courses some time ago, and actually consciously thinking about what I'm reading feels...unnatural now. Gotta go fast etc. I tried to do that, but found myself speeding up waay too often.
  9. I found it pretty hard to concentrate on talking to my tulpa throughout the day; I still do it whenever I remember about it and have anything to say, but I still don't feel like that's enough. Question: would thinking about the tulpa while doing something else be considered narrating? For example having her in mind while browsing this forum, or reading a book. Does this provide tulpa with stimuli the same way as directly speaking to her?
  10. I wonder what kind of tulpae monks make, in terms of form at least; somehow I doubt they make ponies.
  11. So, I'm about 1 week in, and so far the biggest problem seems to be my self-doubt. Today though, something weird happened - I became very dizzy, almost as if drunk, and overcome with joy - just laughing like a retard at nothing. Could that be my tulpa being fed up with me writting her off as parroting and just sending a strong signal to take her more seriously? For the record, I don't think something like that happened ever before to me. Thanks in advance!