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  1. Family. What else could I name it that would fit?
  2. Previously on Seroquel (antipsych) and Prozac. I personally found that, after the sero.dosage, it was near impossible to do anything with my tulpas. However, the Prozac seemed to counter the effect handily. Note: no longer on either
  3. I'd say Durdan is more DID than tupperware. The symptoms are there.
  4. Happy belated. How do you folks measure your dates? I go by first acknowledgement of sentience. Ruusaan: Oct. 13, 2012 Lily: December 12, 2012 Lyra: August 13, 2013
  5. 1) Differing opinions between tulpa and host is not evidence of cognitive dissonance, but rather confusion of a subject, and in fact healthy to debate (or argue) with the tulpa. 2) A little bit of drama in the wonderland (spontaneous or scripted) is not a terrible thing 3) There can in fact be spontaneous events in wonderlands with zero conscious input by the tulpas or creator 4) Three may be evidence of psychological issues relating to stress or depression (or perhaps negative emotions in general)
  6. I find that the normal background sounds of my apartment work for a good forcing environment (fishtank bubbling, fridge, etc.), likely because it blocks out most foreign noise and is totally relegated to the back of my brain.
  7. Right here is where I have to say no. I developed my first tulpa (Ruu) in the Void, since I decided that the tulpa was more important than the wonderland. However, she outright refuses to go into the Void ever again. Remember, your tulpa has a consciousness developed on a human psyche. A great deal of humans have an inherent fear, or at least dislike, of enclosed, dark spaces. While the Void may not be enclosed, it certainly is dark. But perhaps more unsettling is the fact that it's empty, devoid of anything except the tulpa and the creator. I know for me, to know that such a thing existed in my own mind, was unsettling in the extreme. Could that have passed on to Ruu? That's a distinct possibility. However I can't help but feel that creating a wonderland before a tulpa is a better idea.
  8. I have felt sick because of a feeling passed on by Ruu. I believe the phenomena is called "psychosomatic injury/illness". So I can vouch for tuppers affected the body.
  9. Think about it like this, God created you in His image, yeah? That means you are, on the basic level, something of a clone. You belong to the same "species" just unevolved. Tulpas are just the first step along that path to evolving to be like Him. It's the creation of half a human being, the consciousness. I'm personally not a Christian, but that's how I justify it to my hardcore Christian mum.
  10. Pic related for my feelings towards "Beyond Two Shites" Anyhow, in the game Spec Ops: The Line And now for something completely out of left-field: the 2009 Nickelodeon film "Rango". In this movie, about 2/3 of the way through, the eponymous character encounters a being that he calls "The Spirit of the West" which takes the form of an aged Clint Eastwood in his Fistful of Dollars getup. He is in the middle of the Mojave with a golf cart, driving golf balls off into the desert and offers the protagonist some guidance, before disappearing. Given that he had only been mentioned once before in the movie, it seems possible that Rango constructed the idea in his head, which was later given "form".
  11. A lot of my forcing is passive, simply because my job has destroyed my sleep/wake cycle (I always force before bed, it's much easier). But the only thing I really find a "chore", per se, is stuff like possession, where it's actually difficult to do. But it's something I still enjoy.
  12. I don't mean this to sound derogatory, but you think of her in the metaphysical/spiritual sense, rather than the psychological?
  13. Ruu says she's afraid of the Void, that little bit of emptiness that exists in place where a wonderland should be. It kind of makes sense, because that's where I created her (instead of following Irish's guide). Lily has the same fear as your Tammy, LordV, in that she's deathly afraid of being alone.
  14. With the amount of drama bullshit that's happened in my wonderland (usually reflecting external stress) it's not surprising that none of my little friends have a god complex. Well, Lily did for a while, as another persona, where she tried to kill Ruu. I tease her about it still, shit like "so remember that time you tried to kill and idea?".