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  1. From the point of view most diagnoses take, it's technically only a disorder if it causes major problems in day-to-day life. On the flipside, sometimes the term is used as a description of symptoms, even if not fully accurate; i.e. "I have DID." even if it doesn't cause any real problems. And Oatmeal? Plenty of writers create tulpas through entering the mindsets of their characters. Doing so with a character initially used for roleplay is pretty much the same. Have a fun time being alive~
  2. I was just wondering if anyone had tried shadowboxing with their tulpa. Bonus points if said tulpa is imposed touch-wise.
  3. Throughout my lurking, I've notice that a lot of people, at least on the surface, seem to think of their tulpas as just tulpas, nothing more. When people talk about what their tulpas are to them, it usually sounds like it's BECAUSE they're a tulpa that they're anything more. So what are your tulpas to you? Just a tulpa? A friend? More than that? What are they, and what makes you feel that way? Were they designed to be what they are, or did they find the role themselves? Kai is a friend and guardian. I designed him to be that, because I have an issue where I rarely feel safe, regardless o
  4. Another thing to think on... People tend to soak up scents they spend a lot of time around, to the point where it mixes into their natural smell. A carpenter smelling like wood shavings, a baker like bread and cinnamon, a gardener like roses, so on and so forth. I've been told I smell like incense, even when it's been weeks since I'd burned any. You could try basing their "real" scent off of an "absorbed" one.
  5. Dysphoria is just an older word for depression, really, but with discontent and anxiety added in. However, it, unlike "depression" can be elaborated on. "Gender dysphoria" is something about your gender identity making you depressed, and likewise "Species Dysphoria" is being uncomfortable with being human. Tulpas, if they have these issues, generally just deviate, as far as I know. Us... well, we're pretty close to screwed, but we can change who we are in wonderland, and there IS a method of imposing on your own body.
  6. Feel free to PM me about writing-related tulpa advice. Mine aren't imposed on any level, but there's quite a few of them floating around my head on and off.
  7. Writer thing. It happens. I have one, two... a lot of tulpas created from characters. I was only considering a couple, originally, but when I told Kaia that I wanted to complete the majority of the work on Kai before fleshing her out as a tulpa, she slapped me. And thus I realized I was too late.
  8. I suppose, adding to what LordV said, that if she has a more shapely body, as opposed to supermodel-skeletony, it'd help to keep in mind that curves (and breasts) are essentially fat deposits, so those areas will be softer. Also, this: Puff up your cheeks and poke them softly with your finger. That's kinda what breasts feel like.
  9. Mine is basically the multi-dimensional world of my stories, which most of my tulpas came from. The most commonly visited areas are generally forests, rivers, waterfalls, lakes, and so on.
  10. Well, Kai is somewhere between 22 and 25, I think. The rest, since they were my characters before being tulpas, range from 16 to around 30 in terms of physical appearance. Their mental ages reflect their character, though, not their physical age, just like you or I. While maturity comes with age, that doesn't mean we have age to become mature, nor does it mean we have to BE mature while aging.
  11. I basically figured this out when I started creating the characters that eventually became my tulpas. Each was developed from core fragments of my personality, and that was how I thought of it too.
  12. It's quite like talking to multiple human friends at once-- it isn't difficult to leave someone out entirely, having gotten caught up in conversation. They might feel a bit lonely, but they know you'll get around to them, or they'll actually enter the conversation. My tulpas, sans Kai, were originally characters in stories that have been floating around in my head for a few years, so I tend to think of my wonderland in terms of scenes. In one, I can generally focus on as many of them as the scene requires. The highest so far has been... eight, I think.
  13. I've told most of my friends about Kai, and one of them acknowledges him on all levels. Talking to him, keeping an awareness of his position, and so on. It's kinda weird, but Kai loves it.
  14. Kai CAN talk, but he tends not to unless I start the conversation. Only recently has he started trying to actually get my attention once in a while, and that took quite a bit of encouragement. He still uses my mindvoice most of the time, and experiments with voices from characters sometimes. He tends towards softer, kinda deep, silky voices; when he settles, it'll probably be like that. I actually recommend that to anyone; get them to talk in different voices of characters you're familiar with. They'll probably stick with a certain type.
  15. One of my best friends and I have multiple personas that double as characters. We focused on them so much that they were sentient before either of us knew what tulpas even were. And talkative to boot. When I write about them, it feels like writing memories, and they tend to correct me if something isn't right. It's pretty awesome. So yeah, basically treat a character or something like one and they might become one.
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