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  1. I gave Debs a Derpy hooves form before she was sentient because she was an npc clone of Holly that popped up when I was fussing and freaking out about stuff, and I needed to differentiate. I liked FiM at the time. after a little while, she was like: 'No, I'm bein Elh now.' and then she was Elh from Solatorobo. And then she made a bunch of changes over the course of a year and she's not really recognizable as Elh anymore.
  2. I was drawing a parallel, pointing out that her report was in of itself, the same as what she was accusing me of being.
  3. So would you say, that you are wiser than you were when you were younger? I know I am, and I'd wager a lot of people would think that they are wiser in adulthood then they were as teens too.
  4. Hol. 20th November. She be 2 Debbu 1st feb. She be 1
  5. Yea, but stuff escalates. I really didn't start off all that angry. debating Sushi got me angry, and when Amber joined in that pushed me over the edge.
  6. Can't stop it. Miiight be able to slow it down though. Which is what I try to do by sharing the opinions that I share.
  7. I really don't get where you are coming from with this. I actually do know of a few tulpas that I hate. It's simply that I see the loss as being more bad than the gain is good. again, I don't really see this as a progress. The best outcome I've seen is simply not telling people about tulpas if they don't already know about them.
  8. Actually, I'm simply pointing out that I've seen nobody saying that all teenagers are bad mancers. That's relevant to the thread! It's about teen mancers!
  9. Hey, I'm just commenting. I'm not even particularly angry now, which is amazing, I know. I just notice there's a lot of claiming that I and the others with me, like Hush, were saying that we were saying that ALL teen mancers are terrible when anybody who would read our posts would realize that is clearly not what we're saying.
  10. Fallacy. I won't actively try to stop people from trying to make tulpas Mainstream, other then advise them against it. Whereas Amber literally tried to get me banned. I already said multiple times that I don't think ALL teenagers are like that. You should try to actually read the stuff I type, because I'm starting to think you guys are doing this on purpose. Really, you guys should try to take a page from Quilten's book. At least he made an actual argument. Sorry to say, as the human brain learns new things, more often than not, further knowledge and wisdom is acquired. That's how learning works.
  11. And you do realize that myself and my associates weren't lumping ALL teens into one category. Like, if you go read what we said on the threads. I don't get how you guys keep making this mistake. Also, Reisen, do you really think people having tulpas is progress for the human species?
  12. Will you's get on IRC with me? Since Amber has such a huge problem with my opinions being on the forum, as seen on that other thread I'm gonna be called MrCrazy on there
  13. Then, maybe it's time to take the skirmish elsewhere? Dunno what to name a thread about that though. Maybe a mod should split this off to a different topic from the post where Amber decided to report me.